Drink, Drink, #DrinkSenora

Before I get to talking about tonight’s Beetlejuice Drinkalong, it’s looking like we’re set for the next several drinkalongs.  Because MT and others have been super excited about the idea, May is going to be Cusack Month.  We’ll be watching Say Anything, High Fidelity, Grosse Pointe Blank and Better Off Dead.

Sadly, only Say Anything is on Netflix, so you’ll need to find another way to watch it.

Next week we’ll be watching Labyrinth…which is also not on Netflix, but the week after THAT we’ll be watching Ghostbusters, WHICH IS!

So, yay!  It’s nice to have everything figured out for a while!

Okay, on to tonight’s festivities:

I’m also working on setting up a static page with the schedule of upcoming drinkalongs.  Hopefully that will curb some of the “Oh, I had no idea that was happening!” messages I get (not that I don’t <3 you all, but come on).

See you guys tonight (9:45CDT/10:45EDT)!


“Did you seriously pack candy and drugs for dinner?”

Rat QueensSometimes I hate that I have this compulsion to collect reading material.  We all know that most of us have wonky wiring that leads us to purchase books with shiny covers or request ARCs of unknowns EVEN THOUGH we have more than enough books to read for the rest of our entire fucking lives, right?

Usually I don’t think of this as a problem.  It’s not a problem, it just means I have OPTIONS.  Who doesn’t like options, right?  Right.

Except sometimes not.  Because when I have too many options, it’s really easy to forget about that thing I desperately wanted to read because it got pushed out of the way by the eleventy billion other things that I desperately wanted to read.

Today I wanted to punch myself in the box because I let the first trade of Rat Queens* sit there for OVER A MONTH without reading it.

…and then I wanted to punch all of my comicbros in the junk for not fucking mentioning to me BACK IN SEPTEMBER that “Hey, sj?  There’s this kickass new comic that you will love so hard you’ll swear that Kurtis Wiebe and Roc Upchurch have direct access to the pleasure centers of your brain.”  WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU GUYS?!

I am mostly kidding, because as much as I want to be mad that I could have been reading this more than six months ago, I’m so happy that I read it today that I just can’t even.

I just picked it up so I could look for images for you guys and got sucked into reading the first issue again and now I want to finish writing this so I can go read the next four.  THAT is how good it is.

Rat Queens is crass, vulgar, gory, and just fucking beautiful to look at.

My biggest problem is that I don’t know whether I love Hannah more than Dee.



Or Hannah?

Or Hannah?




Dee 2

Or Dee?

Or maybe Betty and/or Violet?

Or maybe Betty and/or Violet?

I don’t know, I just can’t decide.  They’re all my new favourites.  All of them.

You need to drop everything you’re doing right now (unless, y’know, you’re holding children or a beverage or something) and go pick this up.  RIGHT MEOW.

Sen, Kate, Heather L, Bronwyn, Nubia, Bellum.  You ladies need this comic in your lives immediately.

I mean…the rest of you do, too.  But them especially.



*ARC provided by Image, and I’m sad I didn’t get around to praise singing before the release date.

I don’t have a catchy title, but this is what I’ve been reading.

Since my last review I’ve read 45 books.  Well, all but five of those were comic trades or graphic novels, but still.  I’ve fallen WAAAAAAAAAY behind on everything.  Let’s try to make as much of it up in one go as possible, shall we?


courtney crumrin

I read pretty much the entire run of Ted Naifeh’s Courtney Crumrin comics (Oni Press) so far.  I have loved every page.  Someone DMed me a few months ago and chastised me cos I wasn’t reading it already.  I wish I could remember who it was, cos that person was right.

I wish these comics had been around when I was a teenager.  If you lose the sorcery, Courtney is very much like I was at this age.  It would’ve been nice to have her to relate to.  The art is gorgeous and the story has made me a little weepy on more than one occasion.  More of this, please.


wonton soupJames Stokoe’s Wonton Soup* (Oni Press) was not such a hit for me, though.  I wanted to love it.  I thought the story had potential – that episode of Futurama where Bender decides to search for the secret to Ultimate Flavour?  It’s kind of like that.

And, again, I wanted to like it.  I did enjoy it up until about the halfway mark, and then it just fell apart for me.  The art wasn’t anything to write home about, and the story got…kinda weird and hard to follow.  It was just kinda meh.  I would neither recommend this one or tell you to avoid it.  Because I’m wishy-washy like that.


Bram and BenThe End Times of Bram and Ben (James Asmus, Image Comics)* was a total hit for me, on the other hand.

This feels like something that was written just for me and I FUCKING LOVE when that happens.  The Rapture happens and Bram is raptured, then returned to Earth cos of a clerical error.  He decides the role of antichrist is up for grabs, and he’ll be the one to take over.  Really funny, really blasphemous, really worth your time.

Read it so you can find out who the antichrist REALLY is, and get a good hearty chuckle out of the whole thing.


murder mysteriesMore angels and heavenly beings came up in the form of the graphic adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s short story “Murder Mysteries.” (Dark Horse)* I’d read the story before, but think it was AMAZINGLY well suited to this sort of adaptation.  If you’re on the fence about sequential art books at all, and don’t want to dive into The Sandman head first (which, what’s your problem?  YOU SHOULD TOTALLY READ IT WITH US.), maybe check this out.  Cos some of the characters here show up a few times in The Sandman.  And you should read that cos it’s awesome.  But so is this.

So read this, then read that.

Wait, what was I talking about?


dreary and naughtyDreary & Naughty: Friday the 13th of February (John LeFleur/Shawn Dubin, Schiffer Publishing)* was overall a disappointment.  The art itself was fantastic (like, srsly, I want prints of this ish to hang around my house), but the little poem that was the story was pretty much the worst.  The meter/scansion was so off.  I wanted to love this cos it seemed like such a cute idea, and if it had been JUST the art, I would have given it an enthusiastic five stars.  As it is, I’mma have to stick with recommending that you just flip through this in the bookstore or library or whatever.


emily and the strangersRob Reger’s Emily and the Strangers (Dark Horse)* Maaaaan, idk if I’m getting too old for Emily, or if she’s totally different now than I remember or what.  This was not good at all.  It was so preachy and moralistic, and I don’t recall her being like that when I used to read her.

I wish I could have back the 20 minutes it took me to read this.

No.  Just no.


Okay.  That’s obviously not even close to everything I’ve read recently, but I’m done typing for now.

TL;DR: Read Murder Mysteries, The End Times of Bram and Ben and Courtney Crumrin.  Avoid the others.



* If it’s marked with an asterisk, I received an ARC from the publisher.  I promise these are my real opinions of this work.

What should we watch next?

Well, not NEXT next, cos NEXT next, we’re watching Beetlejuice (April 12, mark your calendars).

But, since it seems we’re doing this ish weekly now (I was content with every other week, but lots of people seem to prefer weekly), we need suggestions for movies that will make fun drinkalongs.

I would like to say nothing too recent, cos an important component of the drinkalongs is nostalgia, but we’ve discussed doing both Quentin Tarantino and Wes Anderson themes, so…

Leave your suggestions in the comments (idgaf how many, srsly) and I’ll put something together so we can vote at some point in the future.

I'm drunk so this looks terrible, I know.

I’m drunk so this looks terrible, I know.

#DrinkMeGently with a chainsaw, do I LOOK like Mother Teresa?

This week has fucking sucked.  If I told you how much I was looking forward to/needed this Heathers drinkalong, I wouldn’t have time to write the rest of this post.  And because I’m in such a rotten mood, I’m doing the bare minimum necessary.

If only I had a working refrigerator, I’d be making a ton of boozy slushies tonight, but I don’t, so instead I’ll just drink whatever I have.

heathers 10

This is on Netflix, so there’s really no reason for you not to show up.  Same time as always, 9:45CDT/10:45EDT.  See you all tonight (please show up to help me get over this Week From Hell).