Things That Annoy Me (part 2)

  1. People who eat my snacks.  I live with my husband, our four kids, and my dad.  I don’t snack all that often, and the majority of the snacky-type-foods are set aside for the younglings.  On the rare occasion that I put something aside for myself, I make sure that everyone knows that it’s mine…and then I hide it somewhere.  Invariably, I return to my hidden snack cache, only to find that someone has been there before me.  Sometimes I find empty packaging, but more often than not – it’s just gone.  All evidence of it has been erased.  I am annoyed that I’m expected to eat everything the day it is purchased if I expect to get any at all.
  2. Spellcheck.  No, seriously.  Give me a minute to explain.  I feel like spellcheck has deprived me of the ability to sort stupid people at a glance.  There are always those who ignore those squiggly red lines, but more people are paying attention to their browser passive-aggressively telling them that they look like a moron.  Luckily spellcheck doesn’t catch poor grammar and homophones, so they can still give themselves away.
  3. Poorly edited books.  This goes hand in hand with #2 (heh).  It could be because I primarily read ebooks now, but I don’t think that’s the only problem.  An unfortunate by-product of spellcheck is that many editors seem to be relying solely upon it to do their jobs for them.  The book I’m currently reading is a very good example of this.  Where instead of were, misused pronouns, improper punctuation…it makes me sad that these people are being paid to do something they clearly have no interest in and really aren’t good at.  Send your business to me, please!
  4. Airing your dirty laundry on social networks.  I’m really sorry things are so bad in your life/relationships right now, but I really don’t need to read all that – however, since you’ve chosen to post all about it I will read it…and judge accordingly.
  5. The Harry Potter movies.  At the end, my family refused to go see them with me because I wouldn’t stop pointing out inaccuracies.  During the last one, I ended up emailing a friend from my phone because I had no one else to talk to.
  6. The weather.  It’s November.  The week of Thanksgiving.  Why is it still almost 80º out there?  Why is it going from 80º one day to 45º the next…and then back again?  Mother Nature, please make up your mind.  My skin and sinuses will forever be in your debt.
  7. Jane Austen.  [sigh]  Blech.
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12 thoughts on “Things That Annoy Me (part 2)

  1. So with you on #4. Facebook is not for that! Stop it, people! Stop it right now! Although I used FB to announce that Santa T-Rex ate my husband… Too personal?

  2. I really identify with a lot of what you say here. My friend used to get ticked off at his wife for being the same as you in regards to the Harry Potter movies. Then she got him to read the books. Enough said!

    I blame the schools for underachieving these days as part of the reason that grammar and spelling have gone downhill. My daughter gets upset when I correct her from time to time, but she will thank me later in life. She actually had a supply teacher recently who wanted everybody to share their story with her. It would have been a great idea, but she lost my daughter’s respect when to introduce the time she (the teacher) wrote the word ‘storey’ on the blackboard! Then people wonder why our educational standards are slipping.

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  6. If you met me without my spell checker, you would have passed me right by. How can I be good with words and bad at words, I would like to know? Now where are those snacks hidden…? Ha, more bad punctuation to distract you…

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