Bah Humbuggery

I’m not a huge fan of this time of year.   Even my atheist friends get swept up in ‘the season,’ but I have little to no interest in decking halls and wassailing.  This is difficult for me because I have children that are super excited about Christmas, and I have to bring myself to feign interest for them.

I made a little calendar for them a week or so ago because I was tired of them asking me every morning “IS IT CHRISTMAS TODAY?!”  It’s pink.  The lines aren’t all that straight.  I had to scribble out some of the numbers because I (apparently) forgot how to count to 25 when I was making it.  [sigh]

I’m especially not interested in decorating.  I hate untangling lights and finding ornaments that aren’t where they’re supposed to be (oh, and we moved this year so finding things should be extra fun).  I hate having to look at what I wore while decorating last year so that I can make sure I don’t wear the same thing again this year.  Even though I only have a handful of things I like to wear, I don’t like looking like I only own two sets of clothes.

I hate people knocking at my door.  I just had to get up while typing this to answer the door to receive some religious pamphlets.  I haven’t yet brushed my hair today and I’m still in my jammies.  The woman looked shocked and asked if she was interrupting something.  Um…sure, we’ll go with that.  I made the mistake of not thinking quickly enough on my feet and gave her my real name, so I’m sure she thinks we’re besties now.  I have to remember to never answer the door ever again so that I don’t get sucked in to a conversation.  Thank goodness my husband is home today.

Really, I’m having a difficult time mustering up any enthusiasm for anything other than reading.  So…my friends, please don’t expect to see me online much until after the holidays.  There’s only so much peace and joy and lightness of spirit a Scrooge can take.

Especially when she knows she has this to look forward to in a few short weeks:


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15 thoughts on “Bah Humbuggery

  1. Our posts are the opposite and I love it!

    You could let your husband decorate for the holidays and you can read about Christmas! Everyone wins!

    I’m with you on the decorating. I love a nice tree and a wreath. Even a simple nativity. But anything more than that is just a hassle and collecting dust.

    • I have 9 stockings to hang, a Christmas Village to set up, a porch that needs lights and an as-yet-unpurchased tree that has to be decorated. With younglings insisting on getting in the way helping the whole time. I always put it off for as long as possible, and pull everything down a day or two after the holidays.

  2. I love this time of year because I love winter and snow, and it means my birthday is right around the corner. But I hate holiday stress–will this person like this gift? did I forget anyone? did I spend too much money? did I spend enough money on this person? ad nauseam. And then add to that me having to convince my husband, no really, it’s ok for Jews to give gifts too, even though, yes, I agree with you that the message of Hanukkah sucks. And that add to that this strange disease my cat has where she pees everywhere if she gets too cold.

    • My skin hates the cold. I have eczema and in the winter, I’m busy trying not to scratch myself to death. :(

      I think that has a lot to do with why I don’t care much for this time of year, actually. I’ve missed many holiday gatherings because my skin was so bad I couldn’t/didn’t want to go out and deal with questions or stares.

    • You know, I think that’s the majority of what I hate about this time of year. I already struggle to accomplish everything I have to do in a day. Adding all this extra stuff to it just makes each day nearly impossible to get through.

    • I can completely understand where you’re coming from there. I do still love Hallowe’en, though. It’s my anniversary and I have 4 little ones that I actually enjoy dressing up. I haven’t worn a costume myself in years, though.

  3. I love the singing and spending time with the family :)
    I can understand your feelings about the lights though. Since I am going to spend Christmas at my parents’, I’m not going to put up any decorations :)

    • I am putting decorating off for as long as humanly possible. Probably next weekend, we will get the tree. My dad is looking forward to taking the three boys to pick one out. I’m really hoping that my youngest son insists on a Charlie Brown model. That will make it all worth while.

  4. I hate in when they bring the religious pamphlets and cute kids dressed up in their Sunday best. When I was a teenager and was home alone on Sundays, I used to answer the door, then smile and nod for as long as they wanted to talk. Then, when they ran out of steam, I handed them a hand-printed card I had made that said, ‘I am a deaf mute. I have emotional problems. Can you please give me some spare change’.

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