On the Doctor and Daleks and Gummis…Oh My!

Earlier this week I received a lovely package from a friend in the UK.  It had tons of British sweets and cute little things, but the best bits (by far) were the Doctor Who mug (featuring Rory – best companion ever!) and some little Dalek-shaped gummis.

My webcam is kind of lame, but you get the idea.

I have four younglings.  The two older boys (12 and 6) are already die-hard Whovians, but the youngest boy (5) has proclaimed over and over that he only likes the 9th Doctor.  I can’t say that I blame him – because the Eccleston is one of my very favourites – but he refuses to watch any episodes of Doctor Who that don’t feature Eccleston as the Doctor, or Rose as a companion (ugh, at least the other two already know that we hate Rose).  It’s enough to make me wonder if he’s really mine sometimes.

Last night, I was trying to divvy up the Dalek gummis between everyone present, and the 6-year old was adamant that he should receive more of them than his little brother.  Not just for selfish “I want candy” reasons, but because these Daleks were technicolour.  As everyone knows, the New Paradigm Daleks didn’t appear until Victory of the Daleks, which is during the tenure of the 11th Doctor.

This was the conversation that followed:

Meg has decided my family will appear as owls in this cartoon (click to enlarge and read text).

Yes, I actually high-fived my son.  It was a proud moment.

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30 thoughts on “On the Doctor and Daleks and Gummis…Oh My!

  1. I like the fact that you are getting the geeky education in early. That’s first-class in’doctor’ination right there.

    A few years back we had a new woman start where I worked. I got her as my Secret Santa and I bought her a Dalek bottle opener that made an ‘exterminate’ noise whenever you used it. She looked at it as if it was a dog turd.

    Miserable cow.

    • My dad only started watching it a few years ago, even though I’ve been following since I was a kid (fundraising weekends on PBS were always my favourite, because they’d show all Doctor Who all the time for a week!). The oldest started watching around the same time as my dad. Now he’s seen all of the newer episodes and most of the oooooold stuff available on Netflix. I’m supposed to be building him a Davison costume for Hallowe’en this year.

      Anyway, I’d have been thrilled to receive a Dalek bottle opener!

    • You should be further in than you are, then. <.< The Daleks were reintroduced in the first season episode Dalek (episode SIX) and then again in Bad Wolf (which is one of the best Eccleston episodes, btw).

  2. I love that they’re owls! I saw it before I read the end-note and was like awwww yeah! You really look so young, I read in a comment on one of your other posts that someone said that you look like a student; I agree completely! This is a good thing though :>

    I was never a fan of Doctor Who, I find it very cringey (is that what’s so good about it?) but I didn’t hate it either.

    Hurray for goodie packages through the mail (or post as we would say here, being British and what not). I got my yearly Christmas package from Orkney the other day :D I’m not opening it until Christmas though.

    Mail packages are so exciting! Even if you ordered something and know what’s inside them!

    So many exclamation marks, ergo so much excitement ahahah!

    • Hee! Meg is currently working on perfecting her owl technique and so you will likely see them featured frequently here in the coming days and weeks. Quite honestly, I’m glad I’m no longer a student. My 30s have been far better to me than my 20s and teens, but I suppose it’s nice to still be told I look young enough to be one. :)

      I’m pretty sure it’s against the law in Britain to not love the Doctor? Isn’t it your national television show?!

      I have a very difficult time not opening packages the moment they arrive. If it’s something that I’m not supposed to see, I make my husband hide it away from me, or I’ll be tempted to open it immediately.

      • Woah, thirties? no way! I just asked Luke how old he thought you were and he said twenty ahaha :D. It probably is against the law, along with not liking milky tea and being a fanatic of the royal family; of all three, I am guilty without remorse.

        It’s been going for so many years now, it basically is. I think it’s nice how the show is so renewable in that the doctor will never get old in a sense because he will ‘die’ and be replaced by another actor. It’s really very clever, yet simple. It’s one of those ideas that either works really well or not at all, in my eyes, at least.

        It is difficult ahaha :D I really wanted to open mine! I think the only thing for me is that if I open them all now, Christmas day (bar the food) will be crap. I’m just looking at it now though, all wrapped and pretty, and I want to know what’s in it so badly :

        Comment failed, now I copy and paste them before I post them because Word Press has a habit of doing this to me:

        I regret to say that I haven’t actually read the books :. I might give them another go, thinking about it, but not for some time!

              • I can not stop laughing about this. Thank you for that.

                Also, tell Luke I said thanks. You guys are making me blush! Maybe some day I’ll post a picture of myself at 20. When I was in high school, people either thought that I looked way younger than I actually was, or considerably older. Other than my hair, glasses and weight gain (after four kids, of course there’s some), I think I look much like I did then.

                • Maybe your blood holds the secret ingredient used to achieve perpetual youth, like, instead of blood, you have sacred water from the Fountain of Youth or whatever it was called. I’d watch out if I were you, Olay or Loreal might hunt you down and harvest you for some of their anti-ageing products!

                    • Wow, facially speaking you look very much the same but I think if anything you actually look younger now! The cosmetic companies will be after you, for certes (I was going to say for sure, but for certes just came into my head and I had to say it)! Also, I really REALLY like your glasses ahaha :D I’m being serious, I love glasses like that :>!

    • Thank you so much for coming by!

      My husband isn’t a huge fan, and typically rolls his eyes when the boys and I geek out about it, but he does sit in the room with us when it’s on so he gets some references.

      If you’re interested, Netflix has all of the more current episodes (starting in 2005) available to watch instantly, and even a good number of the older episodes – especially those with the fourth and fifth Doctors. :)

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  4. I love the logic of children. It’s so simple and does, I’ll admit, make sense. Though, I have to admit, I’m dying to know why you hate Rose. I’m sure you’ve said why and I’m not trying to start a fight (she’s not my favorite, but I do like her), I promise. I’ve just never found someone who hates Rose!

    I agree, though, Rory is pretty darn amazing. Can’t complain there. First companion to ever not be freaked out by the TARDIS and I love him for it!

    • You know, I’ve hated her for so long that I can’t even completely remember why it started anymore. It’s entirely possible that it’s something as simple as her eyebrows being so much darker than her hair and that her voice bugs me. Jennifer Garner’s lips freak me out, so Billie Piper wouldn’t be the first actress I’ve felt some irrational animosity towards.

      I felt completely vindicated when my 6 year old wanted to re-watch the newer episodes last year and he kept saying “Ugh! Rose again?!”

      • Awesome. The wisdom of children. I feel much the way your six year old does (I get tired of Rose because she’s around so much, the *again* factor), but I also love her interactions. I feel like Martha was just too slow for the Doctor and Donna–who I love–was too flighty and fighty sometimes. So while they all have moments I love (as do Amy and Rory) I have yet to come across a companion that I feel like does the Doctor justice long term. I think the best companion he ever had was Captain Adelaide Brooke. She knew when to fight and push and be right and wrong. But that was short term. I don’t know that she’d do it for me long term either. But I’m picky. I love the Doctor so much, I want the best of all worlds for him.

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  11. Aww, what a lovely post! I’m especially pleased to hear that your children overall love it (hey, even if your youngest just likes 9 for life, it’s better than nothing, right?), mostly because the biggest reason I love Who is that I have been watching it since I was a kid and have genuinely grown up with it. One thing I’ve learned: no matter how much you grow up, it’s the little things that can make you feel like a big kid again, whether it’s a mug and dalek gummies, or, in my case, the annual Xmas tradition of the Doctor Who calendar and annual for presents. :)

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