Things We Like To Make Fun Of, Vol. I

1.  People who rate books on goodreads the day said book is announced.  We’re looking at you, everyone that rated JK Rowling’s new book THAT DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A NAME YET!



2.  Horribly written YA novels.  The bad is outweighing the good lately.  On the one hand, it gives us more things to talk smack about, but on the other…this is what kids (and adults!) are reading these days?



3.  The Deathly Hallows epilogue.  No, not just the movie version.  Even my dad (who has never read the books and probably never will) makes fun of the epilogue.  “Really?  That’s what they named their kids?”  C’mon, we deserved better than that – not answers you gave us in interviews after the fact, but something that we can clutch to our collective bosoms and consider canon.  Also, we still aren’t convinced that Severus Snape is a good guy, and we call shenanigans on his actions being motivated by love for Lily.  Meg and I now use Snape as an expletive.  As in, “MEGHAN!  That is Snaping awesome!” and “WTS, SJAZZLES?!”



4.  Rose Tyler.  To quote my 6 year old – “No.  We don’t like Rose.”  Is it her eyebrows?  Her omnipresent (ill-fitting) track suit?  Her terrible lipliner and eye makeup?  It’s entirely possible that it’s the way she just hangs around with her mouth open all the time.  Who knows for sure?  What is clear, though, is that we make fun of her every chance we get.



5.  Rabid Superfans.  The people who won’t respect your opinion to dislike something they love.  You know, the ones that will give you a point by point dissertation on why you’re wrong for not liking their favourite movie/tv show/book/band.  “Well, you’ve obviously never heard/seen/read this book/scene/episode/album.  Here’s why it’s the best thing ever and your opinion sucks and you’re the WORST PERSON ON THE INTERNET FOR NOT LIKING IT!!!”



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37 thoughts on “Things We Like To Make Fun Of, Vol. I

  1. I totally agree about the JK Rowling book. I only gave it three stars.

    I am Snaping never speaking to you again. How can you not love Severus? Even though he hated James, his love for Lily led him to protect Harry! HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HIM?

    I think that covers 1, 3, and 5.

  2. That final picture is great. It has a Monty Python-esque quality about it.

    I have never understood people (well, kids) who write reviews about things that don’t exist yet. It happens a lot with computer games.

    Also, back in the day, if you cussed my Sega Mega Drive I would have got really really angry.

  3. I don’t just hate Superfan reviews, I hate Superfan reviews in which EVERY OTHER WORD IS CAPITALISED and it’s OMG THIS and LOOOOL THAT. In fact, I pretty much hate what texting and the internet have done to civility in general.

    • Oh! I make fun of the LOOOOOLs too! I was sending screenshots to Meg not too long ago of this happening, on something I’d posted on Diaspora*. I like to say it in my head like it’s an actual word.

  4. Great idea for a blog post. The citizens of the “surrounded by imbeciles” world make fun of things all the time. However, the second illustration is the best. It’s not everyday that you see a crying unicorn (outside of the ones watching Tom Cruise act in “Legend” anyway).

  5. I feel like I should write a dystopian YA book in which there is a love triangle, vampires, werewolves, fairies, and angels all in the one book. I seems like that is all the craze at the moment. Authors seem to be writing them just because they think people want that and not because they are inspired.

  6. I with you up until Rose. And I will now pull out my superfan rabidness (rabid-dome?) on you! HERE’S WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT ROSE!!! Yeah I got nothing. I have this fierce protection over her for reasons I can’t describe though, does that count?

    YA is killing me lately. It used to be, for years, almost any YA book I picked up was vastly better than any adult novel I could find. I think the tide is changing. Sigh

    • I’m going to disagree with you on Rose. I will say, though, that one of my best friends was an avid Rose-supporter until she went through and re-watched the entire series recently. Then she was mad at me because she realized that she was starting to hate Rose and blamed me for that. I’m just saying, once you’ve seen other Companions, Rose Tyler is the pits. :)

      I feel like many authors think that just because they’re writing for a younger audience, that’s an excuse to either dumb down their plots or just not even try. It’s unfortunate. It seems like anyone that writes a series for teens is almost guaranteed to get published though, it doesn’t matter if their work is crap. Hmmmm, something to think about?

        • What?! I could totally write a better YA novel than most of those that I’ve read in the last few years.

          Okay, maybe not. But it’s because I have no discipline, not because I’m not incredibly talented.

          I’m sure I would be…if I chose to write.

      • It’s weird. I HATED Martha on Doctor Who, but LOVED her on Torchwood. I felt indifferent about Donna at first watch, but greatly enjoyed her on subsequent viewings. I am current really loving Amy. But Rose is still above them all. But since I cant’ expain why, I assume I’m in the minority. :)

    • Um, yeah. Because at that age, they’re not paying for their books and don’t have to be as discerning with what they read.

      Or, um…I don’t know. I don’t think many of them do what I do, which is read them just to make fun of them.

  7. SJ, spot on about people praising or hating on books before they even read them. I see the same thing happen with video games and films as well, sometimes months before release.

    Also enjoyed the bit about super fans…. stop everything someone is wrong on the internet lol

    Liked checking out your blog


    • Thanks for dropping by! I find that the people who are the most frequently wrong on the internet like to raise the biggest stink when they perceive someone else to be wrong on the internet!

      ps. LOVE your Dude costume. I mean, I assume (hope) that’s you.

  8. I liked Rose, up until the Doctor <3 Rose went nuts and just wouldn't leave my telly alone. Damn, and she was so fun, too. I admit to shipping them for a bit (yes, "a bit"), because I was new to Doctor Who and I was obviously lacking in understanding how The Doctor is supposed to be. Now that I'm a better (more informed?) fan, my ideal Doctor is Grandfather Who, as portrayed by the First Doctor and the current old-man-in-young-daddy-long-legs-form Eleven.

    Also, fuck Snape. "I love your mom, so I'm a good guy" is just the creepiest thing anyone can say/do. He's one step away from Littlefinger!!! If Harry had been a girl, well, Jesus Christ I don't want to think about the slash.

    • This comment totally wins the internet for February 26, 2012!

      Confetti Throw

      I keep hoping that once Smith’s turn is up, they’ll reconsider Bill Nighy for the role. I know, it wasn’t ever actually confirmed, and I wouldn’t take the Tennant years away from anyone, but omg, can you imagine?!

      We appreciate that you agree with us that Snape’s motivations were creepy. Most people think we’re weird and that he was super romantic, but we’re not buying it!

  9. I love this, and I hate Rose. I can’t believe the Doctor told Martha “Rose would know just what to do.” Seriously, he is a genius in all other ways but can’t see that Rose is a twit!!! So now men from other planets are stupid around blondes, too?! Urghh!!!

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