Low-ku for a Friend

It’s Monday!  Monday is now synonymous with Low-ku, whether I like it or not, right?  I think Heather would be mad at me if I took a week off, so we’re going to turn a bunch of her search terms into haiku today.  I think it’s only fair, since this was all her dare suggestion anyway.

Search Term:  Jasper Phone Hale

He was so upset
He dropped the i from his name
Jasper iPhone Hale

 Search Term:  If Disney characters were real.

Crap, bouncing tigers.
With talking bears, whiny pigs?
Stay off LSD!

Search Term:  elves wearing tee shirts saying I have aids

Ran into some elves.
They were all wearing the same
misspelled tee shirt. Sad.

Search Term:  The genie with a dirty mind

For two thousand years
she was locked in that bottle.
Lots of time to think.

 Search Term:  Son bra

Pantene girls only
show up if you remember
to hook up the doll

In your race for power and glory, you forgot one small detail.

 Back next Monday with more of everyone else’s terms.  Remember to leave them in the comments if you have anything we might be able to use!

19 thoughts on “Low-ku for a Friend

  1. Oh I love those elves in shirts! (note: drawn to scale — bahahaaaa!) I have a search term for you. It is my all-time favorite and I’m gifting it to you, so no pressure: “fat baby dragon games”

  2. Okay, just today I got… Tyrannosaurus houses. Maybe someone looking for Dinosaur Comics?

    My brain is all ‘splodey with the helper mule. Too many ideas… so many. I can use image please?

    • Y’know, I’m so glad someone got it. My husband laughed, but said it might not be something people who don’t love that movie would appreciate.

      • Are you kidding me?!? I have been quoting WS since, well, I think it was one of the first movies I got into quoting. I love that movie! So many silly lines that just pop into my head connected with it…

        • I KNOW! With my husband and I, it’s one of our most quoted movies. It blows my mind that there are people out there who don’t have it memorized.

  3. LSD, really?
    The traditionalists of Japan will not be amused that you have hijacked their ancient poetic framework and not only mastered it, but taken it in a fundamental new direction.
    Oh, crap, I just typed hijack and fundamental… The Pentagon search bots are on the way… I gotta go…

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