Sj cannot do

haiku this week. You are stuck

with me. Muahaha.

Here are some of my

favorite (weird) search terms from

the past week or so.


Pimpin Hagrid

Little did we know

that inside the umbrella

were Ray-bans and bling.


Is dystopian in high fashion

Absolutely. Saw

her in Vogue a while ago.

Looked kind of scary.


Girl snob pic

Ask and you receive.

Here is my face. I am sure

it made your day life.


Sleep is nice, slept like a dodo

Forget mattresses.

Lie atop a sharkicorn.

Sleep like a dodo.


Be sure to leave us your favorite search terms if you’d like to see them made into a nifty haiku poem!

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25 thoughts on “Meg-Ku

    • Thank you!

      I wish that I could take credit for that Hagrid image, but unfortunately I am not the maker. I wish I had thought of such brilliance.

    • One can be yours for just 93853948 easy payments of $19.99! All I’ll need is your credit card number, your mother’s maiden name, your social security number, and… ;)

      Sharkicorn’s are THE most majestic of beasts. I can’t think of another animal that rivals its august prowess.

    • Excellent! My mishearing those lyrics as “thunder chief” for a number of years pales in comparison to “dondo chief.”

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  2. Bahahaha, Swagrid XD Which image was Takei-pinned? Also, heh, slept like a dodo, it’s funny because dodos are … *gets stared at by Dodisharkicorn* … I mean, because dodos sleep so well! They invented beauty sleep! That’s what I meant, yep.

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