First Ever Best Commenter Awards

Brought to you by Meg, sj and the Dodisharkicorn.

We recently hit a milestone here on the Snobbery.  TWO THOUSAND COMMENTS, can you believe it?  I know, we’re having a hard time with it too!

To celebrate, we’ve decided to create our very own Blog Award Meme-Type Thing.  We hope it will catch on, and that you’ll all display the badge proudly on your own blogs.

The Dodisharkicorn, nature’s fiercest beast, does not issue approval lightly.  By being offered this terrific honour, he is signifying that you are allowed to continue reading and commenting without fear of attack.  Failure to pass on this award will result in  the dodisharkicorn letting loose his terrible battle squawk/whinny to the tune of the Jaws theme song, and all that you love will turn to glitter.

Aren’t there always rules with these things?  OF COURSE THERE ARE!  Our rules are the same as the rest of them, but we have better questions.

  • Accept Dodisharkicorn award and display it proudly in your widget sidebar.
  • Find your Top Five Commenters on your Stats page and present them with the award.  If they really comment that frequently, you shouldn’t need to tag them because they’ll see it anyway.  It’s just polite to link to their blog, though.  Dur.  We are ALL ABOUT politeness.
  • Answer the following questions and pass them on to your Top Five Commenters.

The Questions

  1. What is your third favourite colour?
  2. Would you rather be:  a Jedi, a Pokemon Master or a Wizard/Witch?  Choose ONE.
  3. Who is your favourite Doctor?
  4. Can you whistle?
  5. Would you name your child Sirius Albus?
  6. What is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything?
  7. Do you own a lawnmower?
  8. Do you think Legolas is a (very pretty) pansy?
  9. What’s the trashiest thing you’ve read in the last year?  Should we cover it for Trashy Tuesday?

The Winners

  1. Pouring My Art Out
  2. Becoming Cliche
  3. Lightly Crunchy
  4. Audrey
  5. Angelique

Thanks again for all the support everyone, it means a lot to us.

[edited to add]  Please feel free to bestow this award upon yourself!  Spread it around like Nutella!  We promise we won’t mind!

32 thoughts on “First Ever Best Commenter Awards

  1. Wait, I don’t have a sidebar… I don’t think… Can I just put it in a post? Because this is a real honor, and I do try to make good comments, especially to you, because you guys are great… And this is a good way to get that image of Dick Cheney as a gynecologist out of my head… please, let it get out of my head…

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  3. I just realized that this award symbolizes the most chatty commenters, not necessarily the best. Not that I am saying we aren’t the best also… I would hate to win an award just because I have more free time than other people and wont shut the heck up… Aw, who am I kidding, it is all good.

  4. I am so flattered and honored! Thank you! :) I will be paying this honor forward this weekend with my regular blog post. Sadly, until then it’s all about grading papers and writing report cards. *sigh*

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