We’ve Discussed It…

We’re TOTALLY learning how to do this dance.

Yes, we know everyone has seen this, but Leonard Nimoy with a huge grin on his face is worth watching over and over.

Also, today is the Snobbery’s five month anniversary!  I had set silly personal goals when I started the blog that have all been smashed way before the six months I allotted for them.  Thank you for that.  Really.  Thank you for every day that you read.  It’s really appreciated.

Since we heart you all, here’s a picture of the Dodisharkicorn taking Meg and I on a date for our anniversary.

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54 thoughts on “We’ve Discussed It…

  1. I feel like I’m not intoxicated enough to fully appreciate that video or this post. Does the shark part of the Dodisharkicorn have a horn itself? Is it really a narwhal?

  2. I had never seen the video before. Quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen.

    And I want to amend my Doctor comment. I had to look up his name, but my favourite was Tom Baker, the one my 9 year old self spent hours watching down in our gold shag carpeted dark wood panelled rec room in the basement.

  3. I just watched the video. Around here we call that the “It’s pizza night!” dance. I don’t understand why Leonard Nimoy is the only one who DOESN’T have pointy ears in this video.

    • Hee! Meg and my husband got into an argument last night about how many sides the unicorn’s portion of the tux actually has. I could not stop laughing for a good half hour.

      • I am really out of it when I wake up! I typed “birthday”, and then I thought that it wasn’t right, so I commented again.

        Ugh. I think I’m rambling. I’m still out of it. Excuse my lack of brains here today, ladies. At least I’m not talking about something completely random though…

        • Bahahahha. Oh hush, miss. We love randomness! :)

          I have serious morning issues, too. I’m just not functional until I have my caffeine in me.

  4. I’m glad I read the entire post. My initial thought upon seeing that awesome pic was that the Dodisharkicorn had jumped the Sharkicorn; thereby precipitating upcoming posts featuring an unknown brother of the Dodisharkicorn, or worse yet – Fonzie on water skis. :)

  5. It is the Spock haircut that sells the Bilbo song. These guys did some weird musical stuff. And we let them. He was sort of jumping the shark way before the Fonz did it. Fonzie’s first name was the same as mine. Coincidence? I doubt it.

    • I don’t know if you could handle my dancing. I’ve been told* I’m something of a mix of Fred Astaire**, Shakira***, and your awkward Uncle [insert name here]**** – you know, the one who always gets tipsy at family events and tries to get everyone to do the hand jive/disco/Macarena – in terms of my dancing abilities.

      *by myself
      **if he had no legs
      ***my hips do lie
      ****I’m sorry

    • I love it too! I have been singing it since last night. It’s better than most of the other songs I have running through my head usually, so I’m okay with that. Husband did give me looks last night when I was getting this ready, though. “Wait, why are we listening to this again, again?” Because we are, that’s why.

  6. I had no idea this video existed. Dear god.

    Now, I’m assuming you know this one…but just in case you missed it (or just need another delightful reprise of Spock getting his Ke$ha on): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZWaWrvJ7nA

    But I doubt (on the subject of dances you want to learn) that you know THIS one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4awZg4QOqA

    (“At Last the 1948 Show” was pretty patchy compared to its genius child Monty Python, but on the other hand, it didn’t have Tim Brooke-Taylor OR Marty Feldman.)

    Thanks, guys. I needed that laugh.

  7. A. Taco Bell.
    B. I need that “Frodo Lives” button, like, yesterday.
    C. Someone please make a “Where Are They Now” video about the dancers in this one. Especially shoulder-shruggy girl at 0:33
    D. Taco Bell

    Happy anniversary ladies. I’m so glad I found you!

    • A. Right?
      B. ZOMG, I JUST FOUND THIS PICTURE! I think I need them ALL.

      C. I want a full Behind the Music for this video/album. C’mon, VH1, THE PEOPLE ARE CRYING OUT FOR IT!
      D. I KNOW!

      We’re glad you found us, too. :)

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