Who’s Ready to Head to the Shire?



I am, I am!  A few days ago I was talking about the record/picture book of the Hobbit I’d had as a child and found a copy of it in fantastic shape.  So, I bought it for myself as a birthday present.  I don’t think it’ll be here today, sadly, but it’s my thoughts about myself that count, right?

I hope you’re all reading instead of spending a bunch of time on the internet, but I’ll forgive you for checking in.  Me?  I wrote this last night – am setting it to post at midnight, my time –  and probably won’t be online much today.  I hate my birthday and tend to avoid everyone on it, so I’ll be sequestered in my little Hobbit-hole with this book.  Happy PtBiB Day, everyone!

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30 thoughts on “Who’s Ready to Head to the Shire?

  1. Happy Birthday, sj! I’m going to feel like an idiot but what’s ‘PtBiB’?
    And I have started reading!! Up to Chapter Four – very exciting stuff! :D Not to mention that my time’s out of whack with yours, so I’ve got a head-start :P

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! And I finished my reading for the week. And I want to read more NOW, but I have needed to work on my binge reading issue for a long time, so I am going to try sticking to a schedule. Just for PtBiB. Looking forward to the discussion!

    • Thank you!

      I have two other books going at the same time, so it’s not like I’m lacking for anything to read right now. I just had to make sure I wasn’t reading any other fantasy, or it would have been too weird.

  3. Some people here built a community called The Shire, built like the one in the books. It was very cool.

    Then the economy went south and they all lost their homes. The Shire got foreclosed on. Not as cool.

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