Puttin’ the Blog in Balrog – Livetweet/Drinkalong

“What’s that?  A drinkalong?  I thought we were reading?!”

Well, yes, we are.  BUT!  Look, I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m not a fan of Peter Jackson’s interpretations of the LotR films.  AT.  ALL.  However, I’ve been forced to sit in the same room with them on (it doesn’t matter how often I huff and scoff, I’m still forced to see them, I think CERTAIN PEOPLE are trying to drive me crazy) and a while back, I started drinking.

No, not all the time.  Well…maybe a lot of the time, but these movies really drive me to drink MORE.

It started during the Two Towers, when my husband suggested I drink every time someone shouted “ROHAN!” which was pretty awesome because I then shouted back at the television.  “ROHAAAAAAAAAAAN! [gulp]“

Anyway.  Kate and I were talking about doing a group watch of the movies each week (starting next week, July 13) and creating a little drinking game to go along with it.

We wouldn’t be watching any more than an hour or so at a time…on Fridays…after 10pm EDT.  I know, it’s kind of a weird schedule, but we’re trying to make it work for everyone, okay?

SO!  If we actually do this, and you’ve seen the movies as well as read the books, what suggestions would you make as rules for a drinking game?  I’m not talking “Well, every time they deviate from Tolkien’s original story,” because – look, I’m still rather young, but I KNOW my liver can’t handle that.

Please leave suggestions in the comments, and we’ll see what we can gather together.  Oh, and if you’d like to join us, I’ll have to come up with an official twitter hashtag so I can Storify it and stuff, but the more drunken LotR fans, the better!

I hope to look something like this…but possibly more inebriated.


After taking into consideration the many fantastic suggestions left in the comments, I’ve put together the following.  Feel free to add your own rules, depending on how drunk you feel like getting.  Personally, I’ll still be shouting ROHAAAAAAAAN! at my tv during TT, but that’s completely optional for the rest of you.

Go ahead and click for the full size image.

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41 thoughts on “Puttin’ the Blog in Balrog – Livetweet/Drinkalong

    • I will check that out in the morning when I am awake/not on the phone/sober. I guess the real question is: are you up for drinking with us at 11am on a Saturday? ;)

    • I love that! And I’d add –

      13. You shout at the screen “THAT WASN’T IN THE BOOK!”

      14. Gimli has an awkward comic relief moment

      15. Liv Tyler makes you wonder how on earth she got third billing

  1. I’m assuming that for the group watch, we’ll be watching the non-extended versions so it would be less torture for you.

    Suggestions for drinking game:

    -Silly Legolas/Gimli rivalry moment

    -Actor/director leaves a calling card (e.g. PJ makes a cameo, Sean Bean says “sharpe”)

    -Something happens in the wrong movie (e.g. Shelob in RotK) (might be too close to just drinking for deviations from the book and therefore too risky)

  2. More suggestions:

    > Every time Frodo says the word ‘Sam’ in such a homoerotic way that you wonder if things are about to take a whole new unexpected turn
    > Every time you get a shot of Christopher Lee sitting on his throne with his hand on that crystal ball eye thingy (shut up, that’s an actual technical term)
    > Every time Orlando Bloom says anything so stiffly that you momentarily forget that he’s English and wonder what accent he’s trying to cover up
    > Every time a Black Rider appears and there’s that awful spine-chilling scream and you suddenly wish you had a cushion to hide behind (true story)

    I actually LOVE these movies (and the books) by the way… :)

    • Heh, I love the books but the movies put me into a frothy rage. I’m sure there will be many tweets about it. Will you be joining us?

  3. Drinking game moments? How about these:
    Every time Elrond looks like he’s about to just lose it with how idiotic these Men/Hobbits/Black-Speech-uttering Istari are behaving
    Every time Boromir looks at Frodo or the Ring
    Every time Legolas does something flat-out impossible (whether that’s the snow-walking or or uncanny archery)

  4. Aha! You do harbor disdain for the movies. As I mentioned George Lucas screwed up my idyllic childhood memories with the Star Wars prequels so perhaps that is why I gave the LOTR movies a little leeway. But I’ve only seen them once in the theaters and at this point the biggest memory is how numb my ass was by the end of Return of the King. “Can we wrap this up now?”
    Great ideas for the drinking game. Frodo and Sam definitely could have been leading an alternative lifestyle. Gimli was always funny just looking at him, especially when they agree to the fellowship and they are all standing there its looks like John Rhys Davies doing a Tim Conway Dorf impersonation. Have fun, I think anymore than an hour at a time and someone will be suffering alcohol poisoning.

    • Ugh, I only saw Fellowship in the theatre and waited for the others to come out on DVD. I only recently finished watching RotK because the first time I tried to watch it I was SO FULL OF RAGE that I stomped off, swearing loudly.

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