Look How Much I Heart You Guys

So, I was talking to Em yesterday and she thanked me for putting that map of the Shire from my book in the last LotR post, because I guess her book doesn’t have it.  That makes me sad to learn that not all of the books are created equally.

I then mentioned that my older editions have a fold-out map, and both Kate and Em said they hadn’t seen it.  This makes me very sad.


I scanned my fold-out map (had to do it in sections and piece it together because it’s the equivalent of six pages) and am adding it here as a reference for you all.

Click to enlarge.

I know the left side looks a little wonky, but the book kind of got in the way of the scanner.  Sorry about that.  It’s all still pretty legible, though.

Hope this helps those of you who are interested in seeing where, exactly, everything takes place while you’re reading.

Note:  I do not own this image – it was drawn by Christopher Tolkien for his father – I just scanned it from my book after not being able to find a large version of it online.

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29 thoughts on “Look How Much I Heart You Guys

  1. You know what, though? I’m grateful for your posting of the maps, because now I could just have your map open while I read, and I won’t have to flip in my book back and forth! . Thanks SJ!

  2. Thank you for this, SJ. If I’m ever leading a cavalry charge across Middle Earth, then I will be sure to make use of this map regularly.

    Or even to pop along to The Shire, to ask Sam what he puts in his stew.

  3. Beautiful rendition there! Thank you. When in doubt, I have a huge foldout version illustrated by John Howe I refer to. There are many great Tolkien artists, but he’s my favourite.

    • You’re so welcome, Heather! I know your copies have the illustrations, but I had no idea the newer editions didn’t have nice maps, too. That makes me a little sad.

      • Yes, it seems strange — one of my copies of The Hobbit only had Thorin’s map; fortunately the big Michael Hague-illustrated edition had the larger Middle-earth map. I think it was Tolkien himself who said, when writing “you must work to a map” or else distances and travel times will be wrong. Why don’t they include the full maps in all the editions? I’m feeling some Samwise-type anger here.

      • Yeah, no maps in my editions, and also no illustrations in my editions of LotR. I have a boxed set that was my father’s that was released in 1965 (I think). Eric and Ashley have the newer Kindle version, so they might have illustrations.

        Oh, speaking of which, Ashley has decided to put down LotR for now. She’s just not into it–I think she’s reading too much fantasy right now and it’s becoming overwhelming.

  4. There should be a Google Middle Earth.

    OH MY GOD, THERE SHOULD BE A GOOGLE MIDDLE EARTH. This is a flippant remark that is resonating in my head like the echo of a giant bell. Someone can make this happen!

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