Because I AM, damnit

It’s only Tuesday and this week kind of sucks already.   I’ve had a bit of reader’s block since I finished Mockingbird this weekend and I’ve  been really disheartened seeing a lot of the poor behaviour being broadcast throughout the book blogging community (between both authors AND bloggers [if you're reading this, though, you probably weren't involved thank goodness]).  I’m not really going to talk about that, though.  Instead, I’m going to post this song and go back to reading.  See you guys tomorrow.  <3


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13 thoughts on “Because I AM, damnit

  1. I hope your week gets better and your reader’s block goes away. I still have reader’s and writer’s block. It is horrible and I can empathize.

  2. You know what they say: when life hands you lemons… something, something, I forget the rest. Probably how that’s a totally lame for life to do. “Wow, thanks, life. A big, bunch of lemons.”

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