We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Booksnobbery…

So, earlier today Emma Wolf was talking about how she couldn’t stop thinking of Paul Ryan as Robbie from Dirty Dancing, which Meg made a super clever image for.

We thought – “Hey, why stop there!  Let’s do a whole bunch of images of Ryan and Romney where they don’t belong!”

So we are.

Doesn’t Mitt make an awesome Darcy? Seriously, he totally does.


Changity Chang Ch’Bop?


The never-before-seen photo of Mitt asking Paul to be his running mate. So romantic, don’tcha think?


You may have noticed this last photo has no caption.  There’s totally a reason for that.  Leave your caption in the comments and win a dodisharkicorn ride!

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28 thoughts on “We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Booksnobbery…

  1. When you’re a dick,
    You’re a dick all the way
    From your first no vote on women’s rights
    To your last bullyin’-the-gay-kids day.

    This scans terribly. My apologies to Sondheim.

  2. Hahaha! Hahaha! I am doing all the laughing!

    Then I got to the Romney/Ryan WSS Sharks, and was all, “What the hell? They don’t deserve to be in my favorite musical!”

    So…let’s call them the Bootstrap Gang instead of the Sharks, and they’re singing, “Nothing is free in America, pay a large fee in America!” Hahaha!

  3. Soda went right through my nose at the Mitt Darcy. You’ve gotta warn people!

    And here’s my (weaksauce) attempt:

    Their mind’s blown by their own achievement, master rock balancers Paul and Mitt slowly back away from their fit-to-scale re-creation of the Manhattan skyline.

    (Please don’t sic the dodisharkicorn on me. I heard it takes months to get the glitter out of shag carpeting.)

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