30 Day Book Challenge: Day 9

Heh.  The topic for today makes me laugh.

A Book I’ve Read More Than Once

More than once?  At least 10, but I think more.

I owned this one, and since my small town library was never open more than 2 days a week during the summer, I did A LOT of re-reading.

Cruel elves, shape-shifting dragons, half-bloods, slavery, bicorns – man, this book had it all.

I last re-read it…probably 10 years ago?  When I found out that there was FINALLY A THIRD BOOK.

Did I still love it?

Hell yes.

Sadly, though, there won’t ever be a fourth book.  I would have been all over it.

I wonder if there’s Halfblood Chronicles fanfic?  [runs off to check]

(Sorry these 30 Day Challenge posts are so short.  I’m writing them before I go to bed, instead of being smart and doing them when I wake up.  I know, though, that if I don’t do them at night, they won’t get done.)

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22 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge: Day 9

  1. Ok, right away, that cover art makes me want to read this book. The dragon’s face…it’s surreally humorous, and reminds me of something, but I can’t quite remember what… And the girl. She looks like an awesome character.

    In other news, I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get through my To Read list in this lifetime…

  2. I was completely caught by surprise to see this cover appear in my WordPress reader. I read this book a long time ago and really loved it. I’ve been afraid to reread it because I don’t want to find out that it actually sucks and then be ashamed of my fond memories. I read the second book in the series, but I never got around to reading the third one. I recently acquired this audiobook with the intention of letting my kids listen to it. I might have to listen with them.

    • Hee, we have a lot of shared reading memories, Tony.

      When I last re-read it, I still loved it. I was in my 20s then, I’m interested to see if it holds up in my 30s. I think it will.

  3. So I finally got around to listening to these audiobooks. I was annoyed when I found out that they didn’t make an audiobook of the third one, but it just arrived from Amazon. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be one of those abandoned series with no complete resolution. I had to fight to put aside my degree-in-literature judginess to ignore plot holes and just enjoy the clever worldbuilding and the main characters who were developed well. I kinda hated how all the villains were just plain evil in the D&D alignment sense rather than having complex and interesting motivations that made them do evil things. Still the woman who read the audiobooks had a great voice and did a good job with the characters. That’s all I’ve got, but getting back into these books made me think of this post.

    • I’m planning on re-reading them next month with Nrlymrtl!

      I’m glad you were still able to enjoy them. From what I understand, this was the planned ending, but there were talks of a fourth when Norton died, so…that’s not happening anymore.

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