30 Day Book Challenge: Day 18

I had no problem with this one.  SUPER EASY.

A Book I Love That I Can’t Find On Shelves Anymore

Actually, I never once found it on a shelf.  I found it in a box at a library sale.  I think I paid a nickel for it.  A NICKEL.  Man, I wish I knew what happened to this book.  It’s one of my favourite sf books that no one I know has read.  [sigh]

Also, I refuse to pay close to ten dollars for a DRMed ecopy.  No way, eff that.  <.<

I am too tired to come up with other things to say about this book right now, just that it’s an excellent example of 50s science fiction, and it makes me sad that we’re no where close to being where Fredric Brown thought we’d be in the 90s.


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8 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge: Day 18

  1. Oh there are so many that I can’t find anymore. I found one on ebay (it eventually sold for $140), and that same day I found it in the giveaway bin at my used book store. You have GOT to come and see this store!

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