Out of True Blog Tour: I Will Play Your Scheherazade

You all know Amy by now, right?  Amy is amazing.  In case you haven’t been paying attention, a book full of Amy’s poems was published in August.  Go buy it.  Or win it!  For information on giveaways and the rest of this blog tour, go visit the keystone post over at Insatiable Booksluts.

A month or so ago, Susie asked us if we’d be interested in participating in a tour for Amy’s book.  Of course we cheered mightily at the opportunity to help get the word out.  We heart Amy and want her book to be successful.

I wrote a kinda/sorta review for Out of True when it came out, but we are trying to keep away from straight up reviews with this tour.  Instead, Megiggles has created this illustration to go with the first poem in the book, As You Fall Asleep.  Elsewhere.  I’ve included a tiny bit of the poem to go along with the illustration, and hope that it’s enough to pique your interest in this book of poems that made this non-poetry lover weep and laugh in equal amounts.


Here is my hand. Feel, count: four silver rings.
They will protect you from the fairies who want to
snatch you from me in the dark. Do not let go. If
you lose me, we are lost. Do not let go.
Count them: four. They are how you know it is me.
I will spin stories that make you forget the one
ring you wear on your hand, her gold, my silver.
I will spin stories that make your past disappear.

It is both a curse and a blessing, this.
Words are a double-edged sword.
What seems to be saving you is bleeding you dry,
the death of a thousand cuts, your life left bare,
flayed, for all to see, pinned, open, raw.


Buy Out of True in paperback.

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Buy Out of True for your NOOK.

11 thoughts on “Out of True Blog Tour: I Will Play Your Scheherazade

  1. This is beautiful. You guys are totally making me weep this week, I’m not even kidding. This makes my poem so much better.

    THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH. I love this more than I can even tell you.

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