30 Day Book Challenge: Day 21

Heh.  Listen.  I’m about to talk about something that I’m sure will just SHOCK you guys.  And not in a good way.  But I am playing to the letter of the law, or something.

I don’t know, I’ve had a glass of wine and haven’t eaten much today, so you know.

A Guilty Pleasure Book

I am TOTALLY passing the buck on this one.  I don’t generally read a whole lot of paranormal romances or erotica, but Em was talking to me a few years ago about how she’d picked this book up in Israel, or on her way to Israel, or…I don’t know.  Israel was involved SOME HOW…just because of the name, and that she’d liked it.

So, being THAT PERSON, I bought all five books that were out at the time.  Luckily, they were well written enough that I didn’t have to struggle through them like I did with the Toby Daye books, but still.  I felt kind of squicky reading them.

Because I wasn’t reading them to make fun of them, I was reading them to FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED NEXT.

They haven’t gone downhill, either, like the Southern Vampire Mysteries have.  Speaking of those, I’m totally caught up on True Blood now, cos of Amy and I hate that I actually like a show that has totally deviated from the books in every way possible.  The best part of True Blood is talking about it with Amy afterwards, and laughing and emailing back and forth about the ridicuawesome (I made it a word, don’t even.) things that happen in each episode.  Shut up.

So, my friends – what books are your guilty pleasures?

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36 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge: Day 21

      • Oh, really? He writes thrillers about Reacher, this ex-military detective who’s now a drifter and is contantly getting into trouble, because he’s big and tough and can’t let injustice go un-righted. They’re actually quite well-written, and always an entertaining read. If you stand back from them, they’re also pretty funny in their over-the-topness. (In one of the books, for example, Reacher gets shot in the chest in such a way that any normal person would be killed, but since his pec muscles are so well developed, he’s ok.)

        I suppose I find them a guilty pleasure because of the shady politics. There’s a strong glorification of vigilantism (is that a word?) that often leaves me squirmy.

        You should give him a go. If you like him, I think he’s got maybe a dozen books out.

        • Okay, I’ve looked him up on goodreads while I was waiting for your response and I think I might have to check him out. He seems like the type that I would make fun of endlessly, but be unable to stop myself from reading.


  1. I’m struggling to think of a guilty pleasure book…actually, maybe Melina Marchetta’s stuff. It’s kind of girly and teenager-y, but I am a teenager (though no girl…although I did love Gilmore Girls…hmm :/) and she is a good writer…see, I’m defending myself!

  2. I found them in a used bookstore in Israel. It just really interests me to see what English books end up in foreign countries’ used bookstores. I found The Never Ending Story in Turkey.

  3. I have a ton of guilty pleasure TV (like, a TON) but books – um, let’s see. Sappy YA lit, probably. I’m obsessed with sappy YA lit. And books about dying pets. Like that terrible Marley and Me book. OH! WAIT! No, I thought of one. And it’s EMBARRASSING. I love love love everything that Mitch Albom writes. Even though I KNOW it’s seriously only written to purposely make my tear ducts work overtime and it’s weirdly religious. Don’t even care. LOVE. “The Five People You Meet In Heaven” made me cry so hard I made NOISES.

  4. I have a distressing and slightly shameful love of pulp thrillers. I CANNOT NOT READ THE LATEST JEFFREY DEAVER. Especially if it’s NOT a Lincoln Rhyme novel.

    • My dad is like that about the Alex Cross novels. He ends up pissed off and screaming about how he doesn’t even understand why he keeps reading them, but it’s like James Patterson is a scarily addictive drug for him.

      • I have a couple authors like that. I actually really enjoy a lot of thrillers (James Rollins is my favorite), but some are like, “meh,” yet I keep reading them anyway.

  5. No one talks about it, but blood is actually very fattening. Vampires have to work very hard to burn off all those calories. You would be surprised at the number of obeese vampires are flapping around out there. That is why there are so many of them moving to America from the old countries. They have to hunt where the people are even fatter than they are so they can catch some of them.

  6. Hmm… lately, it’s been the Sweet Valley books. Ever since I decided to revisit that world this year, I’m still having those random cravings for the old-school SVHs, or one of the newer spinoffs. Or the Sweet Life series. Even though every time I try to read them, they’re so corny it makes my eyes hurt. It’s like what you said about the Alex Cross series — Francine Pascal must’ve laced the books with some addictive nostalgia drug XD

    I tried to re-read the first book of the University series, and couldn’t get more than half-way. Was it Jessica’s mindboggling airheadedness? Or was it the incredibly 2D stock racist bullies that make fun of Elizabeth for defending a black guy at a party (they say things like, “Hey, look, it’s the Martin Luther King fan club!”).

    And yet…I kind of want to re-order it through Interlibrary Loan, just to see what happens in the second half. Darn you, Francine Pascal!

  7. Um, I really haven’t read them in a few years, but V.C. Andrews novels? I don’t really know. There’s not really a whole lot of books I’m openly embarrassed to read or say that I like. I even openly admit that I really liked the first Twilight book, but the rest after that went downhill. Hmm..maybe I should start reading more guilty-pleasure-like books. *grin*

    • Yes, do! I still kind of like the stuff that she actually wrote. It’s far fetched and super ridiculous, but it’s definitely well written.

      I have the sf novella she wrote very early in her career on my reader, I just haven’t made the time to read it yet.

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