30 Day Book Challenge: Day 30

[gasp]  I did it!  Well, once this post is finished, I will have done it!  Wioll haven be…and that reference right there brings us full circle back to DAY ONE.  I swear, sometimes I totally rule.

Okay, um…what was I supposed to talk about today?

[runs to check]

Sorry, I’m a bit scatterbrained today.  I’ve been building things out of duct tape, cardboard and fun foam all weekend for my kids for Hallowe’en and so I didn’t get this post written last night like I wanted because I just watched Mockingbird Lane and went STRAIGHT TO BED at MIDNIGHT!  I can’t even believe I was in bed at midnight, it would have been nice if I’d been able to sleep as WELL as being in bed, but I guess I can’t have everything.

An Author That I’ll Read Whatever They Put Out

(aka That’s What She said)

(aka…and the award for the most awkwardly worded topic goes to…)

How adorable is this picture? Plus, My Little Pony – my kids would flip out.

If you haven’t read Jasper Fforde yet, I have to wonder why we’re even still speaking.  Or, why I haven’t already cast you out for not listening to me about one of the most brilliant and whimsical living authors.

Look.  I’m hardpressed to pick a favourite author.  I can tell you about many authors that I love, that I will EVENTUALLY GET AROUND TO reading whatever they put out, but Jasper Fforde is the only one that I will drop every single other thing I’m doing to read the hour it comes out.

Which can be difficult, lemme tell you.  Because he’s a Welsh author and his primary deal is with a UK publisher (America gets to totally feel second-class in the reading world), his books generally come out over there anywhere from a few months to SEVERAL YEARS earlier than they do here.

So, I spend a lot of my book stipend buying books from the UK just so I can read them because I am TOO IMPATIENT to wait.

Take, as an example, his The Last Dragonslayer books.  I searched and searched and searched for these books (the first two, anyway – the third isn’t out yet).  The first one has been out since November ’10 in the UK, but was only published over here this month.  Man.  AND THEN nearly everyone I know that reads him (well, really,  Amy, Katrina and Meg were the only people I knew for a very long time) was all “WHAT IS THIS BOOK, I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF IT?!”  Yes, capattack totally necessary.  So.  It’s kind of ridiculous, and I know they do it to coincide with his trips to the States to do booksignings and stuff, but that doesn’t make the READERS feel any better when they have to jump through all these hoops just to read a damn book.

I realize that’s not making me sound very stable, but it’s a valid complaint so I’ll leave it.


I have already read every single thing he’s put out (hee) and will continue to do so, for as long as he writes his special brand of smart, literary (NOT literary as in, this is literary fiction, literary in that it’s all very meta and plays with books and literature in various ways) humour.

Also – Pickwick MAY have been part of the inspiration for Dodisharkicorn (um, hint:  she totally was).


In conclusion – if you’re not already reading Jasper Fforde, go out and get yourself a copy of The Eyre Affair or The Big Over Easy or Shades of Grey – The Road to High Saffron (please, no 50 Shades jokes) and we can maybe still be friends.

Friends, who is YOUR must-read-right-now author?

18 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge: Day 30

  1. I love absolutely everything about this post. Everything. Especially the pony.

    My two “must-read-now” authors are Stephen King and John Irving. I’ll drop everything to read one of their books. I won’t SAY I’ve called out sick from work when one of their books was released…but it’s not out of the realm of possibility that’s happened in the past to someone I know who looks just like me and lives in my house and wears my clothing and eats my food.

    I’m glad we can still be friends. WHEW.

    • You know, I almost said Stephen King, but then I thought about how I waited forever to read 11/22/63, and how I haven’t exactly been there on drop day for a lot of them lately. With Fforde, I’m at least scheming on how I can get his books over here when I know they won’t be coming to the US any time soon.

  2. I wish I had the luxury of being able to drop everything and read something, but most of the time, the “drop everything part” can take as much as up to a month. :( But I’m crestfallen and hurting on the inside till it gets done, I promise.

    The authors in that category are typically Christopher Moore, Gregory Maguire, and (lately) Kresley Cole (though I suspect not for all her series, just the IAD one). Crazy fun, all of them, and all for really different reasons!

      • I have loved nearly everything of Moore’s which I have read, and the other stuff is on the bookshelf waiting for me. I’m returning to his vampire trilogy this winter in preparation for teaching a class on gothic literature.

  3. Yay! PLOCK!

    Gotta love Pickwick and his Dickensian namesake. I really need to read more of his stuff and update Goodreads. As you already know.

    He is the reason I’m here right now, talking about him being the reason that I’m right here talking about the…

    Descends into some weird time-loop thing centred around Fforde and his awesome double-eff name :D

    I don’t know if I have an author that I would just drop everything and read their stuff…maybe it might’ve been Rowling, but I still haven’t got a copy of ‘The Casual Vacancy’, so I’m afraid it can’t be her. I’m stumped. And yes, the topic is very badly worded. And you asked us not to make any Ffiffty shades jokes. You started it!

  4. Is it cheating to say J.K. Rowling, since up ’till now she’s only published Harry Potter, and srsly, everyone and their fourth-cousin-three-times-removed was mobbing the bookstores the second each book was released…? I haven’t read The Casual Vacancy yet, but I plan to.

    I think I’d read anything Jon Stewart (or his ghostwriters) would publish, though I’ve only had experience with Earth: the Book so far. But that’s the only book ever so far that has made me laugh out loud every ten seconds or less. I timed it (not really, but whatever).

    • I don’t know if it’s cheating if it’s what you would actually do. She’s an author just like anyone else who publishes books…it’s just that hers are extremely popular. And, srsly, I’ve been reading her books since I was six, and when the new ones came out (like Order of the Phoenix in 2003) I remember dropping everything I was reading to read that…so it can count…except not for me, seeing as I have yet to read TCV. I’ve heard it’s really different – which is rather exciting, don’t you think?

      • I’m excited, too. Even if it turns out meh, it’ll still be fun seeing Rowling try out her writing voice in a different genre, and I’d be willing to read anything she publishes afterwards. Because she is that awesome.

    • Not cheating at all!

      As Blake already said, I think she’d be MANY people’s author for this category.

      That being said, I’ve had The Casual Vacancy since it came out and haven’t started it yet. >.<

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