It’s good to have a turn to be a king for a day…

 …or for a week or for a year or for a year and a day.

So, a year ago today Heather was putting on the pressure.  For, like, the 20th time, she was emailing me about participating in NaNo.  Even though it was already 11 days into the month she was all “JUST SIGN UP!  We will write together and it WILL BE FUN!”

Okay, maybe I’m taking some liberty with her words.  I’m sure I still have the emails in my inbox (because I’m an email hoarder and I never delete ANYTHING) but I’m way too lazy to go digging for them.  You have no idea how many emails Heather and I have sent each other in the last year, and we can just keep it that way, thank you very much.

But I digress.

A year ago today I was trying to come up with some way to get Heather off my back.  I really didn’t want to do NaNoWriMo, and I had no really valid reason not to.  Heather has only one less kid than I do, plus she’s got that whole job at the zoo thing going on, and all I was really doing at the time was moderating a game forum.

That night, I thought of something else she’d been bugging me to do.  Blog.  I’d been putting that off, too.  “I have no idea what I’d write about!”

“Books.  You’d rant about books like you always do in chat.  You’re funny.  People will read it.”

So the next morning I secured booksnobbery at wordpress for my very own.  I had other names at first, but they were TAKEN and I never really thought anyone would read this stuff, so I didn’t think there would ever be a chance for people to get upset at the name.

My first post was this Harry Potter Rant (which I meant to do a series of [but then kind of forgot about until JUST THIS MINUTE AS I TYPE THIS], which is why it’s called THE FIRST, dur).  The beginning doesn’t make much sense because I was already referring to my About page (which has since kind of changed, because at the time all it said was “I hate everything, except books.  And music.  Sometimes I hate those too.”) and I don’t know why I thought referring to something people wouldn’t have read first was a good idea?  As of this writing, that post has had 51 views.  Which is a little less than 1 view a week, and that’s how I’m choosing to think about it, so don’t take that away from me.

Heather pimped me out on twitter and I had, like THREE FOLLOWERS the first day.  ZOMG, so exciting, right?

But then the only people to read my next few posts were Heather, Em and Meg and while that was nice that they were reading, I wasn’t entirely sure about whether I wanted to keep doing it.

I kind of thrive on feedback and approval.  If this isn’t something you know about me, we haven’t known each other long enough.


Then I got the not so brilliant idea to start Trashy Tuesdays.  The first Trashy Tuesday post was Zombies vs Unicornsand I’m not going to lie and say that it was a huge success right off the bat because it wasn’t.  I mean, it kind of was, but that post still has less than 100 views.  Listen to me, acting like 100 views on a post is nothing.  It’s not, don’t think that.  The majority of my posts are still under 100, so – even though we’ve come a long way, it’s not like we’re big time or anything.

Trashy Tuesday was fun for a while, but zomg, it was so tiring.  My first post to break 100 views was a Trashy Tuesday (the one for Clan of the Cave Bear) and I know you’re all probably like “WHAT THE SNAPE, SJ?!  WHERE’S TRASHY TUESDAY NOW?” but I stopped doing them on the regular back in April.  I’ve read some trashy books since then, but they’re best when Megiggles is around to do illustrations (don’t even lie and tell me they’re not cos I’ll call you out for being a Liey McLiarson) and since she’s kind of super busy and junk, it’s not as much fun.

MOVING ON.  Trashy Tuesdays brought about the Dodisharkicorn.  Dude.  Dodisharkicorn is pretty much (other than my kids) the thing I’m proudest of creating.  I didn’t do it by myself, though.  Nope, that was Megiggles and I both.  She joined the blog as a contributor in the spring (I know, she doesn’t post much BUT SHE IS SO BUSY and she still totally draws things for me when I ask nicely) even though she started drawing things for me long before that.

Also, there are still some links on here from when Meg had her own blog.  Please ignore those, she deleted it when she was only being visited by me and Russian Pr0nbots.

Holy hell, this has become much longer than I intended.

Okay.  So.  Things I never thought would happen with my blog.

  • That people would actually read.  As of this moment, WordPress says there are over 500 followers, but that’s a lie, because a lot of those are twitter.  Whatever.  I have close to 300 ACTUAL BLOG FOLLOWERS and while they may not read every day, that’s way more than the 10 I thought I’d end up with.
  • That I’d become friends with some of my favourite people ever.  Before I started this blog I did not know Amy or Susie or Mandy or Heather…um, I’m drinking right now so I’m terrible with coming up with other people I didn’t know before.  I DIDN’T KNOW A LOT OF PEOPLE, OKAY?  But now I know a ton of you and I read your blogs and goof around with you on twitter, and you guys are so completely effing awesome, it makes me smile just to think about it.
  • That people would want me to write stuff for them.  I’ve guest posted for Shouty Men in Shiny Armour and Angelique at Sappho’s Torque and I’m an actual contributor for Insatiable Booksluts and I have more books specifically for review than I could have dreamed of a year ago.
  • THAT WE WOULD HAVE ACTUAL FANS!  No, not just any fans.  Fans that would CREATE THEIR OWN DODISHARKICORNS AND BUY DODISHARKICORN STUFF!  (um, if you want your own Dodisharkicorn stuff, there are links in the sidebar and once enough people buy things that there is any money to do anything with, we want to host giveaways and junk)

So, that’s how I’m ending this post.  There’s some really cool Dodisharkicorn stuff out there, and it makes me smile just to think about it.  That’s the best part of this year.  You all rule.  Thank you.

Dodisharkicorn by Art

Dodisharkicorn EATING Art

Cut Paper Dodisharkicorn by Nikki

Dodisharkicorn Gets Political by Nicole

Em calls this the Puffinarwacorn, it’s the Lisa Frank version of Dodisharkicorn

Kate takes Dodi to work with her EVERY DAY!

Aw, Angelique takes Dodisharkicorn to the gym!

Okay, so – that’s really all I have.  Thanks to every single one of you that has read, commented, liked or shared over the last year.  I appreciate you all and I’m so glad to know you.

<3 <3 <3

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57 thoughts on “It’s good to have a turn to be a king for a day…

  1. So today is your bloggiversary? Why, I had no idea! Many heartfelt congratulations from a fellow blogger! I now from personal experience how difficult and hard it can be to get a blog to fly (even though I have WAY fewer followers than you do), and I’m so glad you stuck with it.

    Keep up the good work. I’ll promise to comment more.

    • Well, technically, it’s the 12th BUT I realized that this year is leap year, so one year would REALLY be the 11th and the 10th would have been the day I was talking about at the very beginning.

      I may have put too much thought into this.

      You’re one of the people I’m glad I know now, and you fall under the Amy umbrella.

  2. Wow! Congrats, sj!!
    I guess I only came in relatively recently, but I’ve loved your blog from the very moment I set foot (?) here. All the best for many years ahead!

    • I’m sure I could check The Woman Who Died A Lot to see how long it’s actually been, but I’m too lazy to do that right now. Sometime in/around May, I think? Because it was before I started talking about PtBiB, I know that much.

      • Wow, good memory. It was May 9th, when I first commented on your review. Who knew what a few words could do? Anyone who says words aren’t powerful…well, they don’t know words really, do they?
        And, I’m very pedantic I know, but you got the title of Fforde’s book wrong! Seriously, you’re not the only book snob out there (the overwhelming number of followers attest to that, I’m sure!).
        Anyway, it’s been a fun seven months (so not really that recent…hmm…), and I look forward to many more amazing posts and (unintentional) book recommendations!

        • I’m sure I have NO IDEA what you’re talking about. ;)

          But seriously, it wasn’t all that recent. I’m sure it just felt like it because I was obviously well on my way to fame and stardom when we “met.”

          • You know, that’s probably true, you celebrity you. I am pleased and honoured to know you, O King sj (I know the capital SJ is somebody else…but it would fit better if your nom de plume was capitalised…grrdy-grr).

            No idea about what? :P Using your powers of being administrator or whatever it’s called to make innocent fans seem incorrect by EDITING your work. Tut-tut, missy. I can’t abide editing :P

  3. Yay! I love you! I’m sorry I don’t comment as often as I should. I am SO BAD at commenting on anything unless I am ragefacey about it and I turn my bitch factor up to ten. But you never make me ragefacey. You make me happyfacey.

  4. Happy bloggiversary my most wonderful friend and confidante and partner-in-crime (and in giggling and in wackiness and in all good things!)

    I tried to do research into how long ago you found me but my blog isn’t cooperating. If I didn’t have to get to work soon I could be more researchy. However long ago it was, it was both one of the most important days in my life, and also not soon enough, because I should have known you forever.

    Thank you for finding me. I didn’t even know I was lost, but it’s obvious I was.

    Love your face. You make every day better by being in it.

  5. Happy “Trying to Get Heather Off Your Back” day! Kids, close your eyes. PEER PRESSURE WORKS!

    I do hope to see another Trashy Tuesday at some point in the future. Those make me laugh.

    You do good work, friend. Seriously. And you don’t have to take my word for it. 300 followers! YAY!

  6. Every time I see Dodisharkicorn, (which, BTW, totally didn’t come up in autocorrect and this means that you’re famous) a strange feeling of awesome mixed with whimsy and glee comes over me. I need one of those tote bags.

    • Hee, it comes up in mine now, but I’m sure it’s only because I use it so much. I also have my phone trained to recognize “Snapebags” now, which is awesome.

  7. Awesome. I am proud to have been there from so early in the blog. And I still remember how you helped me figure out how to do stuff like links… by showing me how step by step…
    I still crack up when I see that one of the shark eating me. I can’t help it. And I did manage to smuggle a picture of me into this post that way, so… yay for both of us.

  8. Uh oh, I feel a nostalgic moment coming on… LISA FRAAAAANNNNNK!!!! *insert little girly wibbly-eyed smiley face* Also, wow, those are some epic Dodisharkicorn portraits!

    Happy Blogiversary, sj, Meg, and Dodi! :-D

    • Thanks, Nerija!

      I just showed my husband the pictures (because I really don’t blame him for not reading, he hears all this shit all the time in person) and he smiled and said “I told you! The Dodisharkicorn is gonna blow the fuck up!”

      Which made me a little wibbly. :)

  9. Pingback: There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met. « Lucy's Football

  10. Um, I meant to make a snarky reply about disliking “A Christmas Story,” but that ended up being my mini-tribute to you. So I will say here: I’ve seen entirely too much of that movie. I’m tired of people quoting it the way people are tired of me quoting Monty Python.

    • THANK YOU! I’ve worked places where they had the marathon showing of it on for those of us that chose to work Christmas (for doubletime and a half) and never ever want to see it again. Ever.

        • Oi, I’ve seen It’s a Wonderful Life probably 50 times. My mom dug it out every year (a recorded VHS copy) right after Thanksgiving and I had to watch it AT LEAST twice before Christmas.

          I have found that when I’m forced to watch something over and over against my will, it’s much less dear to me than those movies I CHOOSE to watch ad nauseum.

          Like anything Monty Python. Or Strange Brew. Or Harold and Maude.

          • “Forced” watchings of classics DO suck.

            One Christmas I actually saw roughly the same 10 minutes of It’s a Wonderful Life three or four times in a row. I was flipping channels trying to find it at the beginning, and kept thinking, “OK, this is earlier than where I was the last time,” only to soon realize it was the exact same section. That was when it seemed to be on every station all the time in December. Put me off another few years of ever watching it.

            For a long time, re-watching The Empire Strikes Back, Teen Wolf, or Yellowbeard were my favourite December movies. And, actually, Star Trek: Generations. I should probably not admit to any of these.

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