Readathon Updates, Day 1

Update #3

So, I took a FOUR HOUR NAP.  Except I kept waking up every time the heater would come on because it briefly turns my bedroom a billion degrees, then settles down to a decent temperature but then COMES BACK ON AGAIN.  I’m not even joking when I say that we always forget about our crappy heater until it starts to get cold and then we ask each other “What is that SOUND?  Is it raining?  Is there a hurricane?” until we remember that it’s just the LOUD ASS HEATER that we have.

I’m sick, I’m entitled to complain about everything.

I read 30 pages before I fell asleep, and like 2 more since then.  So.  There you have it.

Update #2

I have only managed to read another 40 pages or so in the last 2 hours since I updated.  And I haven’t even been effing around on the internet!  No, I think I dozed off a few times and was awakened by the two younger boys squabbling over who gets to play with some stupid toy.

I’m taking my reader to bed with me and hoping to get an actual nap.  Here’s a picture of sleepy/sick/sad sj (but my hood is up because I haven’t yet brushed my hair today – don’t judge):


I’ll be back after I get up from my nap to let you know how many pages I read before I fell asleep.  <3

Update #1

So, yeah.  I haven’t done a whole lot of reading.  I did finally finish Shadow and Claw and wrote something about it (kind of, but not really) here.

I’ve read 3% of The Snow Queen’s Shadow, which I’m just not into.  I don’t understand, I liked the other three in the series well enough.  Maybe it’s cos I’ve never been a huge fan of the Snow White tale?  I don’t know.  Plus, my kids are all over the place and Baby Girl is a whiny butt, which doesn’t lend itself to reading time.


If I can’t get into this within the next 50 pages, or so – I’m just gonna DNF it.


So, I posted the list of things I hope to finish during O’s readathon in yesterday’s post.  As of this moment, I have read 3% of the Wolfe.  And I’d really rather be finishing my Buffy Season 8 re-read.  But I’ve got to finish these books before the year is over so I WILL FINISH THEM.  Or, something something, I don’t know.

I’m sick, cut me some slack.

I’ll keep you posted throughout the day on my progress.  <3

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15 thoughts on “Readathon Updates, Day 1

    • I have been collecting them, but haven’t read ANY of them yet. I want to re-read Season 8 cos I originally read them as they came out, and it’s been a while.

      • And there’s a lot going on in S8, too.You’re in for a, well, S9 is interesting. I’m actually having more fun with the Spike mini-series, but that could just be me. S9 does have its moments.

            • I’m surprised (cos I didn’t know anyone else reading these when I read them before) at how ANTI so many of the fans of the show seem to be toward the comics. I love that each arc is like an episode, and they’re so well written, I can see/hear it all playing in my head. [shrug]

              • Definitely. I didn’t know that fans were so ANTI, either, but I only knew one other person who was reading them (until now!). I think they’re great. Not all the time, but in general, I think the story’s made a good transition to comics and has gone places it couldn’t go on tv.

                • Absolutely agreed. Like Dawn (hee). SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT! But I think it’s hilarious and just one of many situations that are awesome visuals we’d never have had on tv.

                  • Oh jeez, the Dawn haters. How can you not love giant Dawn and MechaDawn. Like Andrew says,

                    My giant-sized teammate is fighting a mechanized version of herself on the streets of downtown Tokyo…I’ve been preparing for this day my entire life!

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