Readathon Updates, Day 2


This is the only update.  I was told that my updates yesterday were the saddest thing on the internet!  That wasn’t my intention, but damn.  Is that an accomplishment?  I can’t tell.

Anyway, I’m really close to being done with the Hines.  I only have 11% (like, 40 pages) left, so I should be finishing tonight, yay!

At least I finished two books that I’ve been reading forever, and decided not to bother with a few more.

To do away with the sad, I’ll post this (which I stole from Ro).



I’m SO LAZY.  I haven’t done much reading today.  Maybe 70 pages, or so?  But that’s okay because I think I’m going to finish this book today, and maybe just put some of these unfinished books on a DNF list.


But seriously.  I enjoyed the beginning of Year Zero, but it’s kind of stupid once they leave earth.  I’m not a fan of a lot of the authors left in that zombie antho, so there’s not much point in finishing it.  I might skim it later.

As far as Crown of the Blood goes, I’ve decided to put it on hold for now and go back to it in the new year.  I’ve put it off for too long now, and can no longer remember anything that happened before I left off.

5 thoughts on “Readathon Updates, Day 2

  1. I’m sorry that the readathon was not as successful as you were hoping it would be, although the fact that YOU are willing to relegate something to a DNR pile is progress. Life is too short to read crappy books.

    • I know I should, but I always feel SO GUILTY. That’s why it took me THREE WEEKS to read Inheritance last year, when it was THE ONLY BOOK I was reading at the time!

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