I’m Snoopy dancing for drinkalong, not the next paragraph.

Seriously, guys.  This move has had me THE MOST STRESSED OUT.  I’ve been doing all the laundry, washing clothes from the last three years that don’t fit ANYONE anymore so that we can donate them.  Packing everything up (holy crap, we have so much stuff and I want to set it all on fire), MOVING EVERYTHING AROUND, trying to make sure there’s room for a damn tree in WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE the staging area…

Um.  I’m totally the most shouty lately.  I’m pretty sure everyone hates me right now.  Which is why I’m so happy I decided to MAKE THE TIME for Drinkalong this weekend.


Friday, Dec. 14th 10:15 pm EST

We will be watching Rat Race (so borrow a copy, or it’s streaming on Netflix or WHATEVER, I DON’T CARE just be here, please?) BECAUSE I SAID SO.


It will be fun and we’ll all get drunk together and have a good time watching this super silly movie together.

I’ll post the drinking game and stuff day of, so WATCH THIS SPACE.

Or not.

But I wouldn’t hate it if you decided to just refresh your page every ten minutes until then to up my page views.

29 thoughts on “RETURN OF DRINKALONG!

  1. I am at a play that night (I KNOW I SUCK) but will be there in SPIRIT. (I’ve never seen that movie, either.)

    Also, setting your things on fire made me giggle, but probably don’t do that.PROBABLY, I said. Moving is the worst.

  2. I have missed ALL the drinkalongs so far. Is there tweeting? I bet there will be tweeting. Me drinking and tweeting is like me tying my shoes without thumbs. On top of a lobotomy, because even without drinking my tweeting is sort of…impaired. If my tweets are fifteen minutes behind because I am lobotomized and thumbless will that be lame or entertaining? Now I’M stressed.

        • Added you back! In case you’re not the only first-timer, there’s a post scheduled for midnight that breaks it all down.

          I’m so happy you can make it!

          (and your little girl is ADORABLE!)

            • I don’t often think other little girls are cute, since mine is obviously the prettiest princess there ever was, but…y’know. She is.

              Twitter’s not that hard, and you can use tweetchat (there’s a link in the post going up in an hour) which will make it easy for you to follow the conversation and will add the hashtag for you.

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