This Is Total BS

BBCAmerica’s Anglophenia has this nifty “Which Companion Are You?” quiz up right now.  The whole time I was taking it, I kept muttering to myself “Anyone but Rose.  Anyone but Rose.”

Of course I got Rose.

The stupid thing cheats, I’m sure.

I wonder if it gives everyone Rose?  Go take it and report back.

I should have been Rory, damnit.  Or River.  But mostly Rory.

Sidenote:  I just realized this is my 300th post.  YAY ME!

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52 thoughts on “This Is Total BS

      • I just did it again, randomly clicking on answers and I got this:

        Your result: Congratulations! You are Amy.
        It may be because of the way you grew up, or your natural lack of patience, but the key thing with you is that nothing and no one gets in your way unless you want them to. Sure, you’re inquisitive, you like to travel, meet new faces, try a few new experiences, but woe betide anyone that messes with the people and things that you value the most, and that goes double for people you trust that have let you down. (Click on Amy’s name above to read more about her…)

        Maybe you’re more like Rose than you’d care to admit?

      • She’s only nineteen, and she works as a shop assistant, and is kind of…I don’t know how to use an American word for this…I think she lives in housing commission (I don’t know if you have that in America, and if you do, what you call it – basically, she and her family are poor and live in a flat paid for / partially paid for by the government)…so, long story short, I think she’s a very original character, and I love her for that.

        Can I ask why she sucks, sj? Is it her hollowed out cheeks and wonky teeth?

        • Well. Part of it is because I don’t care for Billie Piper, so I am predisposed not to like her. I don’t care that she’s from a lower income family, what bothers me is that she treated Mickey like crap (one of the reasons I don’t particularly care for Amy, she’s quite selfish as well) and was just…I don’t necessarily want to spoil for people who are going to watch soon (like Heather D), but I did not care for her entire character arc. At all. If I had been NEW to Doctor Who when they restarted the series, she would have made me quit watching, even thought I <3 the Eccleston.

  1. Hmm. I’m Rory! I love him but would prefer Donna. Donna is the best. (Maybe this test is like a reverse Sorting Hat, you know, like when Harry said “Not Slytherin” it put him in Gryffindor, except in this case you said “not Rose”, and it went, “Rose muahahaha”.)

  2. Dammit! I too got Rose. It’s a silly quiz, anyway, because many of the answers weren’t even close to what I’d *actually* do in that situation.

    If I were to describe myself as a contemporary Who companion, it would be Jack. But a bit more gay.

  3. I don’t watch this show (yet, someday! promise!) but the new woman on “The Office” was on it? Huh.

    I took the quiz because I love you and I am also Rose, whatever that means.

    HAPPY 300 POSTS SJ!!!!!

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  5. I figured I would be Donna Noble, but no.

    While occasionally lead by your heart, you have an enormously practical head on your shoulders, and are extraordinarily loyal, which means you can be relied upon to fulfil any task to the letter, no matter how personally inconvenient it may be. Guns, bandages, science, amorous playwrights from the past, there’s little you can’t handle.

  6. I got Martha. I liked her OK, but she was kinda boring. My husband *really* liked her, so he’ll make fun of me to pay me back for all my “Freema Freeman” comments. Not that my TV-crush marriage would be any better–Gillian Fillion…

  7. I’m Martha, apparently, though I have to admit I’ve never watched Doctor Who and know nothing about any of the characters. (For shame! I know. :/ ) Her description does sound a bit like me; she’s quite the clever girl. ;)


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