So You Want to Read PKD? Here’s Some Help.

The idea for this flow chart came from a comment Kate made the other day.

For the last MANY YEARS, people have asked me where to start if they want to get into PKD.  Because a little bit of work one time will save me ALL THE WORK later on, I decided to make this to keep from having to continually answer this question in the future.

If you’d like to share, that’s fine, but please link back/properly attribute.  I put a lot of work into this, many drafts and lots of time and consideration.  Thanks, and enjoy!



Click to embiggen!


Thanks to Trev, Reverend61 and the other Kate for their suggestions, which helped me put this whole thing together.  And extra thanks to Susie for being all amazing and adding the dodisharkicorn watermark.  <3

UPDATE PRIOR TO POSTING!  I finished reading Counter-Clock World (which I mentioned I’d be starting on the post that made this all happen) shortly after scheduling this post and put up a short review on goodreads.  RIGHT AFTER IT WENT UP, Ashley Awesome commented and asked where would be a good place to start for the “Dick curious.”  (hee!)  It made me a little bouncy and happy that I’d made the decision to do this.

In addition to my fellow Dickheads (heh) mentioned above, thanks to all of you for your support.  I AM SAPPY, OKAY?

41 thoughts on “So You Want to Read PKD? Here’s Some Help.

  1. Nate and I want to start reading a book together. (He will be 15 in a couple weeks.) I was thinking of starting with The Minority Report, then moving on from there if he likes it. Yay or nay?

    • If he’s already into SF, then I say go ahead with that one. There’re a lot of good stories some of which were…pre-cursors to some of the novels that followed.

      “The Days of Perky Pat” was incorporated into The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch

      “The Mold of Yancy” (along with the story “The Defenders” in Vol. I) became part of The Penultimate Truth

      Plus, there was the movie they made out of the titular story, but I don’t really recommend watching it, unless you’re just doing it to talk some shit.

  2. SO HAPPY about this chart. You know I love ‘em too. I will definitely be using this the next time I’m wondering which kind of Dick I’d like to try next ;-)

    Actually, I’d already decided I want to hit up A Scanner Darkly ASAP, but after THAT, I’ll be all over this chart. SRSLY.

    • A Scanner Darkly is one of my all-time favourites, no question. I’ve read it more times than anything else of his, and for something that’s as…well, bleak I guess, as that book, it’s got a homeyness to it that comes from having read and re-read it so many times. It wasn’t my first, but it was ONE OF my first.

  3. Reblogged this on Brian of Morbius and commented:
    This is what you should all be looking at today. If you’re a PKD fan already, you can use this to help your friends who have yet to discover his brilliance. If you’ve never read the guy, this is a great way to delve in. And well done SJ!

  4. Dude, PKD is so hard to get into. I LURVED A Scanner Darkly, and HATED Valis with the rage of a thousand shit-on midgets. I tried Man in High Castle but I am not sure I ever finished (wtf). This is one of the more difficult authors to get a groove on with! Kudos to you for whipping this puppy up – Not one book is anything like the rest so this flow chart is excellent for the easily frustrated.

    • VALIS is one that I think is difficult to get into if you don’t approach it with the proper mindset. It’s fucking weird. There’s no other way to put it. It’s also essentially the story of one man losing his mind committed to paper, and that also makes it a hard read.

  5. Love the Dodisharkicorn watermark *thumbs-up smiley face* Also, PKD wrote “The Minority Report”? Cool! (am I stepping on a minefield if I ask what you thought of the movie/if you’ve seen it?)

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