Contact Information/Review Policy

You can get in touch with either of us by emailing dodisharkicorn (at) gmail (dot) com.

We’re big fans of f/sf/wtf and we’re open to suggestions.  If you’d like to have us read/review your book, please contact us with an excerpt.  If it seems like something one or both of us would be interested in, we’ll be in touch with you for more.

Please know that just because we accept a review copy of your book, a good review (or any review, really) is not guaranteed, although if it seems like we’re not into it after the first 25% or so, chances are good that we will not be finishing/reviewing it.  We’d really rather not talk trash about things people send us for free.

Life is too short to waste on books we don’t care for…so they get fed to the dodisharkicorn.  Sorry.