No, Really. This is About sj.

I’m totally leaving my original About Me page because it makes me laugh, but I guess there are enough people who would like to know things about me that I should throw them a bone.

You can call me sj.  I prefer sj to SJ because I have another friend that is SJ and we differentiate between ourselves by using capitals and lowercase.  If you call me SJ, I will likely think the other SJ is somewhere around and not really know you’re talking to me.

I’m in my 30s, I’m married and I have four kids.  Three boys (currently 13, 7 and 6) and one pretty princess.  She’s 2.

I started this blog in November of 2011 to get out of doing NaNoWriMo.  Not the purest of reasons, but it works for me.  I honestly didn’t think I’d have more than 5 people reading.   Originally I was going to focus on books and occasionally music because (other than my family) those are my two major loves.  At some point it evolved to something completely other, but I’m too lazy to change the name and set up redirects and whatnot.

Earlier this year, my friend Meg started doing illustrations for my posts.  I don’t think I even asked her for the first one, but now I bug her to draw things for me all the time.  She thinks she’s not all that great, but her work makes me laugh and seems to fit with my posts (where I mostly type like I talk).   Between the two of us, there is little we take seriously.  You may notice that.

Um…I’m sure you’re not all that interested in my favourite bands or colours or whatever, so I won’t post any of that nonsense.

[looks around]  Is this a good place to stop?

26 thoughts on “No, Really. This is About sj.

  1. I did notice how good the artwork was and typing like you talk works for me. Although I don’t Twitter I’ve noticed Pouring My Art Out’s guerilla/twitter style comentary where lots of posts make up the whole is also interesting. Anything goes in blogging and thats why I like it.

  2. I understand you have been unable to post comments for some time. I also have that issue. I have discovered a fix: First, click the WP icon. No need to sign in and all that. Type your comment, and copy it. After you get the message that your comment can’t be posted, reopen the blog you want to comment on. You can usually comment then. Inconvenient, you bet, but I’ve been able to comment on almost anyone’s blog since I discovered you just need to try again.

  3. I just discovered this blog and I have this to say about your assessment of the Earth’s Children novels: You nailed all of the ones I read perfectly, and you spared me from reading the non-resolution that was the final (?) volume. The two people I know who read that last one both told me it was a steaming pile, and they both agree that your review of it is all I’ll ever need. Well done! (slow, appreciative clapping)

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