Puttin’ the Blog in Balrog

Thank you to everyone who’s interested in participating in our first ever group read attempt!  Here’s a tentative reading schedule.  The average will be 150-175 pages read per week (since we don’t want this to last all the way into September when some people have kids to get back to school and whatnot), and I’ll put up discussion posts twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Once each section is completed, this schedule will link to the appropriate post.

Much like Tolkien’s characters, we all started out together on this journey through Middle-Earth at the beginning of Summer 2012.  The links to all of the chapter summaries and discussions can be found below.  If you’re interested in reading my pre-group read Silmarillion recaps, you can find them all conveniently grouped together here.  I’ve done my best to gather all of the discussion posts and commentaries from other blogs on one page here.  If you’ve written something that is not included, please email us at dodisharkicorn (at) gmail (dot) com with a link to your post and we’ll make sure to get it added.

Thank you to everyone that participated.  I’ve never had such a thorough discussion of Tolkien with anyone before.  You guys made this Summer fantastic.


The Hobbit

June 23 – June 27 Chapters 1-5

June 27 – June 30 Chapters 6-12

June 30 – July 4/5 Chapters 13-19

Fellowship of the Ring

July 4/5 – July 7 Chapters 1-6 of Book One

July 7 – July 11 Chapters 7-12 of Book One

July 11 – July 14 Chapters 1-5 of Book Two

July 14 – July 18 Chapters 6-10 of Book Two

Two Towers

July 18 – July 21 Chapters 1-5 of Book Three

July 21 – July 25 Chapters 6-11 of Book Three

July 25 – July 28 Chapters 1-5 of Book Four

July 28 – August 1 Chapters 6-10 of Book Four

Return of the King

August 1 – August 4 Chapters 1-5 of Book Five

August 4 – August 8 Chapters 6-10 of Book Five

August 8 – August 11 Chapters 1-4 of Book Six

August 11 – August 15 Chapters 5-9 of Book Six