The Things I Want for My Birthday


  1. Time enough to catch up on my reading.

    But without his UHEA.

    But without his UHEA.

  2. For the 2 year old (3 in two weeks!) to let me have one hour where she isn’t crying about SOMETHING.

    Always.  Crying.

    Always. Crying.

  3. This Pixies box set that I have been hinting at for FOUR YEARS but no one ever pays attention to me when I ask for things.

    Four.  Years.

    Four. Years. (And I really want the Limited Edition, but I will SETTLE for this deluxe edition.)


  4.  Matt Smith to stick around for one more season (without Steven Moffat).

    Megiggles sent me this before I went to bed last night.  Can not stop giggling.

    Megiggles sent me this before I went to bed last night. Can not stop giggling.


  5. You all to enter the Zombicorn Short Fiction contest, cos there’s only one week left to get those stories in.zombiecorncontestbanner

  6. A chance to hang out with most of you.

    Cos friendship IS magic.

    Cos friendship IS magic.

Rage Inducing Timey-Wimeyness

Prisoners of TimeAbout a week and a half ago, I was browsing through the comics section of NetGalley, as I do every few weeks.  I came across IDW’s forthcoming Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time, Vol. 1 and downloaded it IMMEDIATELY.

Cos, um…Doctor Who, dur.

Because I always look up the ISBNs of things I’m going to post about (I know, I’m weird like that), I was surprised to find out that the Galley was missing a little over 40 pages.  I’m assuming this is because we’re only treated to the first three issues, instead of the five that will be published under this name.

So, I was already a little annoyed, realizing that I’d be missing out on the Tom Baker and Davison stories and emailed Tarah (the NetGalley concierge, who was THE MOST HELPFUL), but she wasn’t able to give me any more information.

I can’t review 3/5 of a book, and even if I wanted to, I’d still be upset with the publisher.  Apparently they believe reviewers are a bunch of filthy lying cheats, so in addition to being DRMed up the wazoo (meaning I couldn’t even open a PDF in Adobe Reader, I had to use ADE [seriously, useless - no zoom or anything] which is the NetGalley standard unless the publisher chooses to make their galleys DRM-free [but my issues with DRM would be a WHOLE 'NOTHER POST]) there was a GIGANTIC watermark across the center of EVERY PAGE.  If it was a subtle watermark, that would have been one thing, but no.  It was a huge IN YOUR FACE watermark, making it difficult to even READ the damn thing.

There are several pages where I couldn’t tell you WHAT was supposed to be happening because I couldn’t read them through the stupid watermark.

I get that they’re worried about the book being released early/pirated/whatever, but dude.  Seriously?  If you put something up for review, shouldn’t you make sure that your reviewers can READ IT?  And shouldn’t you make sure that they ACTUALLY GET THE WHOLE THING?

Apparently not. Sorry, sir.

How are we supposed to review a little over half of a book?  And when half of THAT half is ALMOST unreadable because of your huge page obscuring watermark, what are we supposed to do?

I really hate not reviewing books I request, but damn.  You guys are making my not-job really difficult.

(I’d really like to show you all the huge watermark, but since it says in GIANT LETTERS not to distribute, I’m kind of paranoid about posting it here.)

Anyway, of the 3 issues I was able to read, the Troughton was my favourite.  I heart Zoe and Jamie, plus this one had the added bonus of all kinds of Classic Who Creatures.

Basically we should be expecting a new issue each month (some unknown foe is travelling through time to steal the Doctor’s companions in each iteration), one for each incarnation of the Doctor.  I really wanted to read the Tom Baker and Davison issues, but now I’ll have to wait.

I’m only slightly bitter.

Only slightly.

This Is Total BS

BBCAmerica’s Anglophenia has this nifty “Which Companion Are You?” quiz up right now.  The whole time I was taking it, I kept muttering to myself “Anyone but Rose.  Anyone but Rose.”

Of course I got Rose.

The stupid thing cheats, I’m sure.

I wonder if it gives everyone Rose?  Go take it and report back.

I should have been Rory, damnit.  Or River.  But mostly Rory.

Sidenote:  I just realized this is my 300th post.  YAY ME!

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 27

Well, now.  This is another category I think is kind of stupid, or maybe it’s just that I don’t understand it.  In any case, I’m going to take it QUITE LITERALLY and you’ll see where it goes.

A Book I’d Write If I Had All The Resources


Look, it said IF I HAD ALL THE RESOURCES, so I’m assuming I have a TARDIS available because that’s a resource, damnit.

I wouldn’t be content with a life of ordinary bon vivantery, no.  I’d need to be able to go ANYWHERE and ANYTIME.  Seriously.  And I’d have the most fun, and write a book full of crappy iPhone photos to document it.

Don’t even think that I wouldn’t.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t what was meant by the challenge topic, but I’m okay with that.

Because my idea is the most awesome and it makes me happy just to think about it.

So, suck it, non-TARDIS-having monkeys.  I’d rule all.

Wait, I promise I didn’t mean to alienate you all with that last sentence.  I TOTALLY plan on taking you guys with me.  For realsies and junk.

Where would we go if we could go anywhere/anywhen?  You be my tour guides.

…and the Fangirls Rejoiced

WARNING:  There are a few gifs and spoilers for Dinosaurs on a Spaceship ahead.  It also has nothing to do with books, except for some minor Harry Potter stuff at the end, but even that is HP movie related.  If gifs or Doctor Who aren’t your thing, you can maybe skip this post.


As I mentioned in the last post, I was sick this week.  Not deathbed sick, but sick enough so that Megiggles and I didn’t have ANY CHANCE to discuss last week’s episode of Doctor Who until last night.

Megiggles:  side note, I died when Arthur and Matt Smith kissed.  DIED.  Matt seemed to approach it very enthusiastically.
Megiggles:   yesssssssss  IT’S CANON  C.A.N.O.N.
Megiggles:  see, look at the enthusiasm there!  I TOLD YOU CANON!
sjazzles:  I would totally read/watch that.
Megiggles:  Aziz’s face here
Yes, we speak to each other in gifs.  We really don’t know how we ever manage to get anything done.
Also, Megiggles made  this for me:
(I’m really sorry that this post looks like a giant wall o’text with gifs inbetween.  WordPress is being funky with my formatting again.  : ( )