Harry Potter Drinkalong the Sixth

Actual conversation -

Me:  I know you also hated the HBP movie, give me suggestions for this drinking game tomorrow, cos I can’t come up with anything other than “DRINK EVERY TIME SOMETHING DIDN’T FUCKING HAPPEN.”


I don’t even know. I mean, that’s really what I hated. Nothing fucking happened. It was like just two fucking hours building up to Snape easily slipping away from murder while his pals ran alongside him, giggling.

Drink every time you consider switching over to QVC.

I’ve seen this movie exactly ONE TIME.  In the theatre.  And I’ve probably said this before, but am too lazy to check and see if I’m repeating myself, but this is the movie that made my dad swear he’d never watch anything Harry Potter related with me ever again.  Because I was SO.  ANGRY.

Because it still makes me mad (and ZOMG, YOU GUYS!  You have much ranting in store for you tonight!) I couldn’t even come up with a decent list of rules.  Twitter was NO HELP cos you guys are all jerkfaces (but I still heart you), so I decided that tonight is all BONUS ROUND.  Pick your rules (please, only a few – I don’t want any of you passing out or going to the hospital because of me I DENOUNCE ALL FUTURE LIABILITY, OKAY?), and bring your memes.

Tweetchat seems to be sometimes up, sometimes down, so!

Click to embiggen!

So…this should be fun, right?  See you all there!

I have a bit of a sad, guys.

Bad news first?  Or…bad news first?

Let’s go with the bad news, yeah?

I’m not going to be able to do the drinkalong tonight.  My dad is driving down from our NEW STATE, YAY! and I don’t want to be all stressed about time and whatnot when I haven’t seen him since he moved up there.  I’m also thinking that next week probably won’t be good, still, so that means no drinkalong in November.  [sadface]  I’m hoping we can make up for it by doing TWO in December, but I really don’t know yet.

ALSO, I was talking to Kate about the possibility of doing the Harry Potter movies for drinkalongs, but I do not want to spend EIGHT MONTHS dragging them out.  Let’s talk about the possibility of going back to weekly or every other week in the new year.  How does that sound?

Okay, other bad news.

As you may or may not know, my post about writing my 6y/o’s letter to Santa was Freshly Pressed yesterday (I haven’t added the FP widget yet cos it totally clashes with the rest of my blog – is that terrible of me?).  THAT’S NOT THE BAD NEWS, HUSH.

This is the bad news.

…apparently, a lot of the people (like, 200+) didn’t actually MEAN to visit.  They were lost.  Or something.

I couldn’t figure out where the hell all of these weirdo referrers were coming from, so I did some investigating (heh, right, cos I’m THE MOST OFFICIAL and ish) and it turns out that people were clicking on dead links to blogs that no longer exist.  And since those blogs (um, over 200 as I said) no longer exist, they were being dumped off onto the WP home page.  Which is, I guess, how they found me.

So, to all the people who thought they’d be getting info on secret Black Friday deals, or the Hebrew Roots Movement, or…um…free adult movies, or wanting to know why black people had a problem with you, or fancy pentecostal hairdos, or live executions, or naughty steps, apostolic social networking…I’m really sorry you ended up here instead.  On my blog.  Where I wrote about my son’s letter to Santa.

But thank you to the rest of you!  You guys all rule.

(Oh, and for those of you that are new and wondering WTS a drinkalong is, a group of us get together and watch movies while playing drinking games on twitter.  Anyone is welcome to join.  You can find transcripts of our previous drinkalongs on my storify page.)

Sometimes life gets in the way.

I just remembered I never shared the Time Traveling Mob Hit results. You guys can’t decide on ANYTHING.  Which one of you said “Hell yes,” please explain yourself.  (Click to embiggen.)

So, I was all excited at the prospect of the upcoming Drinkalong.  It was my intention to hold it on the 30th, because I know that the 23rd is the day after US Thanksgiving and most of you will either be busy with family or out of town or tired after your Black Friday shopping (I still don’t understand why people go crazy, but that’s another story for another time) or…any of a number of reasons why it wouldn’t work.

Anyway, I don’t know that I’ll be able to do it on the 30th cos I have a bunch of other stuff (that’s related to the move) going on that weekend.

This means that we either don’t have a Drinkalong this month, or that it has to be next week.

I’ll leave it up to you in the comments.  Would you be willing to have our monthly Drinkalong next Friday, the 23rd, or do you want to put it off and maybe have two in December?

On an unrelated note, my middlest son turns 7 tomorrow.  This is my favourite picture of him from when he was small.

Creepshow Drinkalong!

It’s finally here!  It feels like we’ve been waiting for this drinkalong for…oh, I don’t know – like, a month or something.

I’m still hoping this will mostly be a Free Drink (meaning DRINK WHEN YOU WANT) but I’ve made a few rules that you can follow (if you like) that should suffice.

Click to enlarge!

Just so we’re clear, you all understand what I mean by “Murdery Ashtray,” right?  The ashtray that’s used as a murder weapon in the first segment appears throughout each of the following segments.  So, it’s like an easter egg hunt.  Even if you don’t choose to follow that rule, you can still drink when little Joe Hill shows up in the intro, and when King is overcome by meteor shit.

Here are the links you need:

  • Tweet Chat room (I decided to go with #groupwatch as our permanent hashtag, all the others I could think of are already in use.)
  • Countdown timer
  • If you’re watching on your computer, here’s a link to the streaming version of Creepshow on Netflix.  If you’re watching on your tv with a streaming device or have the DVD, well – you don’t need my help, do you?

I am THE MOST EXCITED to watch this with you guys!  It should be a great time.  I’ve missed our weekly drinkalongs.

For November, I was thinking maybe Rat Race or Saving Silverman (mostly because I know I could make a drinking game out of either of those, easy peasy), but nothing is set in stone, obviously – what do you guys want to watch next month?

See you at 10:15 EDT!

Let’s Pretend the Fog Has Lifted

I woke up this morning in a panic, thinking I’d slept through the Read-a-Thon.  I had a dream that I had, and that my husband was encouraging me to just tell people that I’d been up on time and was reading all day.  “NOOOOO!  I can’t LIE to them!”

So, I’ve been feeling the backlash from that weird ass dream all morning so far.  Maybe if I talk about the Read-a-Thon, I’ll get over it?

I’m still planning on trying to get through the books I already mentioned, but JUST IN CASE I hate them or am not feeling them or something, I’ve decided to add one of my very favourite books to the list too.

Patrick Süskind’s Perfume is a strange sort of comfort book, because it’s so very uncomfortable to read.  It’s one, however, that I’ve been in the habit of picking up when I hate everything for the last 12 years, or so.  I figure it’ll be like my secret ace in the hole in case I don’t like/finish everything I DO like tomorrow.

So, don’t worry.  I’ll be ready to start reading at 8 am tomorrow, and will have ONE POST that I’ll update throughout the day.  Oh, in addition to goodreads updates syncing to twitter, so if you’re interested in following that stuff too – well, you can follow me there, can’t you?


The votes were cast for the October Drinkalong, and the results were as follows:

I look forward to watching Creep Show with you guys on Friday, Oct. 26 at our standard start time of 10:15 pm EDT.  Look, I even set up a countdown timer already (I’m totally prepared this time, guys) so you can keep track of when we’re starting.

I was thinking of making this Drinkalong a Free Drink instead of imposing rules on everyone.  What say you?

(sidenote:  I just totally remembered that also in my dream Byronic Man had finally started a twitter account.  Now I’m hoping this wasn’t a prophetic dream because while having him on twitter would be all the awesome, I really don’t want to sleep through Read-a-Thon.)

Oh, and the title for today’s post came from this song:

[eta] Weird that I dreamt B-Man was on twitter because he just posted today that their baby girl was born!  Go wish him congratulations on the birth of The Byronic Girl.  She’s gorgeous.