Back to the Future Drinkalong (1.21 #drinkawatts!)

Feels like forever since we’ve had a drinkalong (and it has been a while), but it’s FINALLY time for some good old fashioned group watching and boozing.

Don’t forget, we’ve got a new time (thanks to everyone for being so accommodating as I get used to my new time zone), so if you’re on the east coast we will be starting at 10:45 pm your time.



Hope to see you all there!

[edited to add]  I’m a total dummy and forgot that the Chicken stuff doesn’t start til BttFII.  Thanks to Megan for reminding me.  <3

Sidenote:  This is not at all drinkalong related, but just in case you missed them – there have been two super fabulous guest posts in the Middle-Earth is My BFF series so far.  You should read them if you haven’t already.  See what Juan and Jeff had to say by clicking their names.

On Saturdays, We Get Drunk


Can you tell I’m the tiniest bit excited?  I mean, I’ve only been wanting to do a damn Mean Girls drinkalong for as long as we’ve been DOING drinkalongs, so YAYAYAYAYAY!

I am TOO LAZY (and tired) to come up with a graphic this time, so the rules I was thinking of are as follows:

  • Someone says “Plastics”
  • Someone says “Fetch”
  • Gretchen gives away a secret
  • Regina is bitchy
  • 3-way calls
  • Cady’s voiceovers

As always, don’t blame me if you get sent to the hospital and/or die.  I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU.

Sidenote:  I love that Charleen and I both thought of #MakeDrunkHappen at pretty much exactly the same time.  We are obviously way sympatico.

Thanks also to Jane for the title of this post and the subsequent meme.

I TOTALLY Have a Case of the Mondays

Ah, nothing like planning the next drinkalong while you’re still drinking/drunk from the current one, amirite?

I almost forgot we had planned this, but today I REMEMBERED.

This Saturday, March 16th, please join the above folks (plus a few more) for a group watch/drinking game of Office Space.  It’ll start at 10:15pm Eastern DAYLIGHT Time, so if you haven’t had DST yet, make sure you check your math so you know what time we’re starting.

Look, I already made the countdown clock – I know, I’m the best.  You don’t have to tell me.

Oh, and if you missed the storify for the second half of The Stand, you can find it here.  There’s something else related to that coming up soon, too – so stay tuned.


Postscript 1 – I specifically UNchecked Include Parent Tweet, but it’s still including it so I’m officially mad at twitter.

Postscript 2 – Sorry for the extended absence, I hope to get back to posting regularly this week.  <3 you guys.

The Drinkalong Returneth

I hope you guys are all as excited for the return of the DRINKALONG as I am.  I had some spectacularly shitty news today (well, um, yesterday technically) and Susie even suggested that maybe I should put this off, but I think the Drinkalong is EXACTLY what I need right now.

SO!  Because I’m too lazy to come up with something clever, we’re totally just going to use #TheStand as a hashtag (and take it over from some weird Christian concert thingy?).  You can find the tweetchat for that here.

Oh, what?  YOU WANT RULES?  Jesus, do I have to do everydamnthing for you?

thestanddrinkalong (1)

ACTUALLY, Susie did that graphic for us, so you can thank her.  Isn’t it lovely?  We love Flagg’s herp-derp face in this screencap beyond all reason.  No, seriously.  We hate movie!Flagg, so go ahead and make fun of him all you want.

What else am I forgetting?

OH!  The countdown clock.  Click here, my sweets.  You’ll be able to find out when we’re starting far more easily than I’d be able to tell you.


End of the world? Might as well get ‘faced.

YAY, IT’S THE (for really real this time) RETURN OF THE DRINKALONG!

We will all be gathering on twitter/tweetchat/whatever twitter client you prefer to watch the first 2 episodes of The Stand miniseries (currently streaming on Netflix, yay!) this Friday (March 1) at 10:15 pm EST.  Countdown clock?  Gotcha covered.

The current plan is to finish with the last two episodes of the miniseries on the following night, Saturday the 2nd.  I (and a few others) can’t do it next week and trying to split this up any other way just doesn’t make sense/is too inconvenient.

I hope most of you can make it for part or all!

More information with group hashtag and drinking game rules to come on Friday.

the stand poster