Drink, Drink, #DrinkSenora

Before I get to talking about tonight’s Beetlejuice Drinkalong, it’s looking like we’re set for the next several drinkalongs.  Because MT and others have been super excited about the idea, May is going to be Cusack Month.  We’ll be watching Say Anything, High Fidelity, Grosse Pointe Blank and Better Off Dead.

Sadly, only Say Anything is on Netflix, so you’ll need to find another way to watch it.

Next week we’ll be watching Labyrinth…which is also not on Netflix, but the week after THAT we’ll be watching Ghostbusters, WHICH IS!

So, yay!  It’s nice to have everything figured out for a while!

Okay, on to tonight’s festivities:

I’m also working on setting up a static page with the schedule of upcoming drinkalongs.  Hopefully that will curb some of the “Oh, I had no idea that was happening!” messages I get (not that I don’t <3 you all, but come on).

See you guys tonight (9:45CDT/10:45EDT)!


#DrinkMeGently with a chainsaw, do I LOOK like Mother Teresa?

This week has fucking sucked.  If I told you how much I was looking forward to/needed this Heathers drinkalong, I wouldn’t have time to write the rest of this post.  And because I’m in such a rotten mood, I’m doing the bare minimum necessary.

If only I had a working refrigerator, I’d be making a ton of boozy slushies tonight, but I don’t, so instead I’ll just drink whatever I have.

heathers 10

This is on Netflix, so there’s really no reason for you not to show up.  Same time as always, 9:45CDT/10:45EDT.  See you all tonight (please show up to help me get over this Week From Hell).


Pretty in Pink Drinkalong (#PrettyInDrink isn’t very creative, I know)


I haven’t watched this movie in…like, 20 years?  At least.  So I kind of ended up winging it for the whole thing and maybe it’ll get us embarrassingly drunk, maybe no one will get drunk at all.  I really have NO IDEA.

  • Countdown Timer (9:45 CDT/10:45 EDT)
  • #PrettyInDrink (again, I know it’s fucking stupid, but WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?!)
  • Rules that may or may not send you to the hospital if you follow them
    Pretty in Pink drinkalong

Next week we take a break from John Hughes to visit Heathers.  Which should be the best time ever.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Drinkalong (#DrunkeSchoen, Darling…)

Man, coming up with the hashtag for this drinkalong was the WORST.  In a panic yesterday afternoon, realizing I still had nothing and hadn’t even set up the countdown timer, I PMed Herc and demanded that he help me.  Because he’s the genius that brought us #Drinkonceivable and #OnLeRocks, and we’ve been talking about this Ferris Bueller drinkalong for weeks so I figured he’d been thinking about it.

And he had.  Which is how we now have what is probably the best drinkalong hashtag ever, and I’m considering making it permanent.  [ahem]

All right.  If you’ve never participated in a drinkalong before, it’s the easiest thing in the world.  Everyone gets the movie all set up in the comfort of their own home, presses play at the same time, then proceeds to drink and tweet (using the aforementioned amazing hashtag) like there’s no possibility of twitter jail.

  • Countdown Timer (press play when this gets to zero)
  • #DrunkeSchoen (I’ve been singing this song since yesterday, replacing the lyrics as I go)
    fbdo drinking game

* NB:  I like you all too much to let you die of alcohol poisoning, so please select a FEW of the rules and stick with them.  Or just follow them for the first ten minutes and drink steadily after that, remembering that there are rules only occasionally (this is my preferred drinkalong methodology).  Also, the whole Save Ferris thing is referring to any time someone mentions being worried about Ferris’ “illness,” and phone trickery is…well, it’s phone trickery.  Where someone pretends to be someone else on the phone.  Remember the days before Caller ID when this was possible?

…and that’s all I have.  I have a ton of coffee to get through before tonight, so I will stop typing excessively and leave you to your Saturday.  Meet back here at 9:45c/10:45e?

(Oh, and Pretty in Pink next week?)

The Breakfast Club Drinkalong (Neo Maxi #ZoomDrinky)

Last week (possibly while the majority of us were quite drunk) we decided to make drinkalongs weekly for the time being.  This means that today we’re doing The Breakfast Club and next week we’ll be watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  After that…idk, probably Pretty in Pink since it’s on Netflix.

I’m a little worried about the rules this week.  I assume zero responsibility if someone ends up with alcohol poisoning (truthfully, I tend to forget about the rules about 20 minutes into the movie, so).

If you’ve never participated in a drinkalong before (or just need a refresher on how these things work), it’s super simple.

  1. Press play when this countdown timer hits zero.  That’s 9:45CDT/10:45EDT.
  2. Follow along on twitter at the hashtag #ZoomDrinky
  3. Drink whenever
    tbc drinkalong

…and that’s it!  See you all tonight!