It Had to be Done Some Time

Everyone has (at some point) been asked the “You’re stuck on a deserted island, you only have [insert number here] books/albums/whatever the hell else FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, what do you pick?” question posted to them.

I’ve probably spent more time thinking about this than the average person, because that’s the way my brain works.  I can’t answer the book question, because my FAVOURITE books aren’t necessarily the books I’d choose.  If I were talking about books, I’d have to take into consideration compendiums and whatnot, and that’s just more work than I’m willing to put in at the moment.

So, today, I’m going to talk about the five ALBUMS I’d take with me – were I lucky enough to be stranded with an iPod (that only holds five albums, WTS?) and a way to keep it charged until I died of scurvy or some shit.  These are albums that I can (and have) listen/ed to over and over and will never ever grow tired of.

sj’s Deserted Island Top Five

(in chronological order)

1.  The Beatles – Rubber Soul
rubber soul
Yeah, maybe it’s a total cliché to choose The Beatles, but IDGaF.  This album has been one of my favourites for almost as long as I can remember.  I’m ignoring the fact that my “class song” when I graduated from high school was In My Life (because, ZOMG there was some terrible singing at graduation, no joke) and just thinking about how a few of my happy childhood memories stem from listening to this album with my Nan (who was a huge fan of both The Beatles and CCR) and the two of us singing Drive My Car whenever we were out together.

2.  Pixies – Surfer Rosa

surfer rosa

One could argue that this is my favourite album by my favourite band, so it should be my favourite album of all-time, right?  Eh, possibly.  It’s up there, as should be evident by its place on this list.  My main concern about having this on here is that my FAVOURITE FAVOURITE versions of a lot of these songs are off of bootlegs from the 80s (oops), so I don’t know how long I’d go without wishing that I had some of those available to me.  I know I’d be saying “Oh, but I really just want to listen to that version of Break My Body from Boston in ’87!” before too much time had passed, but here’s the thing – my very favourite song of all time is on this album, so it has to be on the list.  I had considered not telling you what my favourite song is, but I know no one would guess.  This is my all-time favourite song, ever.  So, there you go.

3.  Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique

paul's boutique

OH, THE ARGUMENTS!  No, srsly, I’ve had so many FIGHTS about whether Paul’s Boutique is superior to Check Your Head (hint: it totally is) and friendships have been close to ENDING because CERTAIN PEOPLE refuse to recognize the genius of what is obviously the greatest hip hop record ever recorded.  No.  Shut up.  I’m totally for realsies here.  FFS, Sounds of Science is better than almost any song ever released, I don’t understand how people can still want to argue this point or fail to recognize the genius of this album.  Bonus, go listen to Shadrach (or, if you can find it – get a copy of An Exciting Evening at Home with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego…you’re lucky, I’m not taking EPs with me on my island adventure or I’d be taking that one too, just for Your Sister’s Def [DRE!]) and try to argue with me.  You still don’t believe me?  I hate you.

4.  Magnetic Fields – 69 Love Songs

69 love songs

Okay, I admit it.  I feel like kind of a snapebalrog including this one because TECHNICALLY it’s THREE albums and not just one.  BUT, you really have to have all three albums together, or the title doesn’t make any snaping sense.  No, seriously – if you only have ONE, it would be 23 love songs and that’s just stupid. This album breaks my heart into tiny pieces with Reno Dakota, then puts it back together with The Sun Goes Down and the World Goes Dancing.  I giggle to The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side, and sob my face off to All My Little Words.  This is an album that just gets better and more fraught with personal meaning every time I listen to it.

5.  Explosions in the Sky – Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

take care

This album is still fairly new, but I’ve already listened to it (repeatedly) more than a lot of the other stuff in my personal library, and it’s actually the album that inspired this post tonight.  I was listening to Postcard from 1952 on repeat, and said to myself “I will never ever get tired of this song.”  It’s true.  According to iTunes, I’ve listened to this song over 100 times since the album came out less than 2 years ago, and I’m still not anywhere close to being sick of it.  Don’t let my adoration for this one song cause you to think the entire album is less than stellar, though.  It’s all amazing.  Even more amazing?  This video, and seeing them perform the album live (even though I’ve never been to Belgium).  It’s gorgeous.  No, really.  Put this on and close your eyes, and spend an hour and twenty minutes being swept away by the music.  [happy sigh]

There are runners up, but these are my definitive list, as of the fifth of February, 2013.  What’s on yours?

Sidenote:  Thank you to everyone who commented on Sunday’s post.  Your kind words mean the world to me.  I was going to reply to each comment, but it was too difficult.  Thank you for understanding.  <3

Post #PtBiB Drunken Shuffle

No, not the walk of shame dorks.  Every time my good blogging buddy Rick does one of his shuffle posts over at Surrounded by Imbeciles, I feel the urge to do one myself.  Since I’ve had just enough wine (read:  almost a bottle) tonight, I am finding it necessary to go ahead with my first impulse.

Since I don’t feel like posting 25 (or however many) songs, like he’s done, you’ll get the first five songs my iPod shuffles up – provided youtube has them.

  1. Psapp – King Kong  How this band can fail to make you want to smile and dance, I have no idea.
  2. Sonic Youth – Turquoise Boy  It’s a little sad how VERY MUCH Sonic Youth I carry around with me everywhere I go.
  3. Explosions in the Sky – Yasmin the Light  [happy sigh]
  4. White Stripes – Now Mary
  5. Clutch – The Mob Goes Wild  Eff.  Yes.

Thanks for Puttin’ the Blog in Balrog with me this summer, guys!

Reading Music

Sunday!  I hope to get lots of reading done today.  I’m a little over halfway through the book I intend to have finished in time for Trashy Tuesday (don’t worry, there’s a back up book already read JUST IN CASE), and like to attempt to escape the noise in my busy household by sticking earbuds in.

Here are a few of the things Meg and I like to listen to while we’re reading.  We’re not huge fans of lyrics because we find them distracting.  I know Heather has a hard time loading pages with lots of videos, so we’ll just post links…plus, some of the songs are only available on grooveshark, so they don’t have videos anyway!

Japancakes – The Waiting

Explosions in the Sky – Your Hand in Mine

Bar Kokhba Sextet – Gediel

Liszt – La Campanella

Bach – Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude

LotR Soundtrack – The Fellowship

What, just because I hate the movies means I can’t appreciate the music?  [angry face]  Okay, you got me – some of these are Meg’s choices.  Stop looking at me like that!  Look, I said stop.  I’m serious.  [even angrier face]

Anyway, hope you all get lots of reading done today, and enjoy our reading music selections!

The Snobbery’s Naughty and Nice List – 2011 Edition

This was originally just going to be a best and worst of the year post, but Meg told me that I had to call it a Naughty and Nice list so that she could imagine me as Mrs Claus.  [sigh]  Fair warning:  Not everything on here came out in 2011, but that’s when I first became aware of/subjected myself to it.  Jumping right in!



The Time Traveler's Wife



This book was recommended to me by roughly eleventy billion people, which was one of the main reasons I put it off for so long.  I hated it.  I was really glad that it was such a quick read because I couldn’t wait for it to be over.  I wanted to smack each and every one of the friends who told me I’d love it, and I was seriously considering never speaking to any of them ever again.  Yuck.









I already made my feelings about this book pretty clear here and here.  I really don’t want to talk about it any more.




Pepper Spray Cop Meme




This isn’t the worst example of this, but it’s still pretty bad.  I was so horribly offended when I saw one of my favourite books defaced with this meme that I started hiding everyone who posted this crap so that I didn’t have to look at it anymore.





George Weasley's Magic Ear


If you’ve read these books, you’ll know why it bothered me so much to see George Weasley with two ears again in Deathly Hallows, part 2.  His ear was cursed off by Snape at the beginning of the book, and he was told that it was impossible to regrow using magic.  For those of you who want to tell me that this is Fred, I say:  NUH UH!  FRED IS ALREADY DEAD AT THIS POINT!  Out of all the things that upset me about the movie, this was probably the biggest.  Naughty list for you!







Take Care, Take Care, Take Care



For suresies, this wins Album of the Year for me.  I can’t listen to music with lyrics while I’m editing, reading, or doing anything that requires my attention, so this one got a lot of play.  My favourite track is Postcard from 1952.








This could have easily also gone on the Naughty List (mostly because of frequent downtime), but it’s just so much fun.  JK Rowling says I’m a Ravenclaw!  I knew it!



Don't click unless you're ready for major spoilers.





#83 was the best issue of The Walking Dead this year, BY FAR.  This issue prompted so many letters to the Letter Hacks column, most of them screaming “I hate you, Kirkman!  I’m never reading your stupid comic again!!!”  You know it must be good if it evokes that kind of response.






Rifts, click to visit Amazon



I have a difficult time writing about books that I like, especially when I’m so attached to them.  Not gonna lie to you folks, Nicole is one of my best friends.  I’d still tell her if I thought her book sucked, though.  It doesn’t.  Really.  Go read it.






RP1 = Major Geek Love



Another instance of not being able to fully express why I loved something so much.  This was one of the best books I read this year.  I hope Santa brings me the hardback for Christmas, since I only have the ebook.






Thanks for taking the time to look at the things I loved and hated this year!