This Is Total BS

BBCAmerica’s Anglophenia has this nifty “Which Companion Are You?” quiz up right now.  The whole time I was taking it, I kept muttering to myself “Anyone but Rose.  Anyone but Rose.”

Of course I got Rose.

The stupid thing cheats, I’m sure.

I wonder if it gives everyone Rose?  Go take it and report back.

I should have been Rory, damnit.  Or River.  But mostly Rory.

Sidenote:  I just realized this is my 300th post.  YAY ME!

Things We Like To Make Fun Of, Vol. I

1.  People who rate books on goodreads the day said book is announced.  We’re looking at you, everyone that rated JK Rowling’s new book THAT DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A NAME YET!



2.  Horribly written YA novels.  The bad is outweighing the good lately.  On the one hand, it gives us more things to talk smack about, but on the other…this is what kids (and adults!) are reading these days?



3.  The Deathly Hallows epilogue.  No, not just the movie version.  Even my dad (who has never read the books and probably never will) makes fun of the epilogue.  “Really?  That’s what they named their kids?”  C’mon, we deserved better than that – not answers you gave us in interviews after the fact, but something that we can clutch to our collective bosoms and consider canon.  Also, we still aren’t convinced that Severus Snape is a good guy, and we call shenanigans on his actions being motivated by love for Lily.  Meg and I now use Snape as an expletive.  As in, “MEGHAN!  That is Snaping awesome!” and “WTS, SJAZZLES?!”



4.  Rose Tyler.  To quote my 6 year old – “No.  We don’t like Rose.”  Is it her eyebrows?  Her omnipresent (ill-fitting) track suit?  Her terrible lipliner and eye makeup?  It’s entirely possible that it’s the way she just hangs around with her mouth open all the time.  Who knows for sure?  What is clear, though, is that we make fun of her every chance we get.



5.  Rabid Superfans.  The people who won’t respect your opinion to dislike something they love.  You know, the ones that will give you a point by point dissertation on why you’re wrong for not liking their favourite movie/tv show/book/band.  “Well, you’ve obviously never heard/seen/read this book/scene/episode/album.  Here’s why it’s the best thing ever and your opinion sucks and you’re the WORST PERSON ON THE INTERNET FOR NOT LIKING IT!!!”



On the Doctor and Daleks and Gummis…Oh My!

Earlier this week I received a lovely package from a friend in the UK.  It had tons of British sweets and cute little things, but the best bits (by far) were the Doctor Who mug (featuring Rory – best companion ever!) and some little Dalek-shaped gummis.

My webcam is kind of lame, but you get the idea.

I have four younglings.  The two older boys (12 and 6) are already die-hard Whovians, but the youngest boy (5) has proclaimed over and over that he only likes the 9th Doctor.  I can’t say that I blame him – because the Eccleston is one of my very favourites – but he refuses to watch any episodes of Doctor Who that don’t feature Eccleston as the Doctor, or Rose as a companion (ugh, at least the other two already know that we hate Rose).  It’s enough to make me wonder if he’s really mine sometimes.

Last night, I was trying to divvy up the Dalek gummis between everyone present, and the 6-year old was adamant that he should receive more of them than his little brother.  Not just for selfish “I want candy” reasons, but because these Daleks were technicolour.  As everyone knows, the New Paradigm Daleks didn’t appear until Victory of the Daleks, which is during the tenure of the 11th Doctor.

This was the conversation that followed:

Meg has decided my family will appear as owls in this cartoon (click to enlarge and read text).

Yes, I actually high-fived my son.  It was a proud moment.