What is Trashy Tuesday?

It started because I like alliteration and I will sometimes get suckered into reading a book for a friend.  “Read this and tell me if it’s any good?”  Usually, a book where someone has to ask that means it won’t be any good at all.  I consider something trashy if it has little to no actual literary merit on its own.   I try to read and write about at least one trash book a week (so you don’t have to!), and put my posts up on Tuesdays (see, now the name makes sense!) unless Heather makes me post more frequently.

Are there any trashy novels you haven’t been able to bring yourself to read, and want someone to peruse them and report back?  I have no problem with reading and mocking summarizing/reviewing.  Let me know what you’d like to see some Tuesday!

13 thoughts on “What is Trashy Tuesday?

    • Thanks! If you hover over the tab up there, there’s a drop down to the various series that have been covered already. I hope by “trashy art” you mean the awesomeness that Meg creates regularly for this blog. Or…that’s how I’m going to take it anyway, so it might as well be how you meant it. ;)

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  4. I love this concept! I never read trashy books, so I like hearing what other people think of them :) Though I am tempted to read Fifty Shades of Grey (which I don’t know if it qualifies as trashy, but it sounds like it does!).


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