It’s Been a Rough Week/Look at My Guinea Pig

We’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties which are heavily and negatively impacting our traffic flow. Since we think it’s kind of pointless to put a massive amount of time into a post no one will look at, here’s a post about my guinea pig just in case you happen to stumble onto our blog. We hope to be back to our regularly scheduled (slightly less ridiculous/furry) daily posting whenever this problem gets fixed. Until then… (EDIT: They’ve now been fixed. Thank you WordPress techies!)
This is my rodent. He’s named after one of my favorite men who acted in Monty Python skits/movies/etc.
Meg: I’m very disappointed that no one has guessed [GUESS NAME HERE]‘s name in the comments of yesterday’s post. It’s a wonderful name. A great name -
 Meg:  THE BEST name for a guinea pig. I should have done a gratuitous guinea pig shot.
sj:  You could totally post that. We can do stupid posts for the next few days.
 Meg:  Yessss. I could do a “since nobody guessed yesterday” post. Snapeit, I want to talk about my rodentdendron!
 sj:  Hahahahahahaha! [GUESS NAME HERE]
 Meg:  LORD [GUESS NAME HERE] Squeakums Geoffrey Squeakertons Bigglesworth-Wigglesworth Esquire, the First.
Meg:  I just add to it every time I’m amused by a name. There was a Bartholomew floating around in there a few times, but it just wasn’t working out for [GUESS NAME HERE].
He’s coming for you.
 Meg:  He’s a model.
 sj:  He’s staring right at meeeeeeeeeeeee.
 Meg:  Look at his little frown.
 sj:  Omg, [GUESS NAME HERE] has blue steel down.
(A few minutes later.)
 sj:  Snape, Meg, how much does he weigh?
Meg: Haven’t weighed him. At least 3 pounds. I have 3 pound weights and he’s heavier.
(Awkward lack of response.)
Meg: HE’S BIG BONED OKAY! He squeaks at me when he’s hungry. I can’t not feed him he looks up at me with those beady little eyes. I consider getting him out of his cage an arm workout.
 sj:  Hahahahahahaha! This conversation is cracking me up. Like, wheezy Muttley laughter.
 me:  This could totes be a post.
And now it is.
I will remind you that a correct guess will earn you a ride on the dodisharkicorn’s back. This is a prize to be coveted. You might also get a ride if you leave cute pictures of your pets in the comments. Two rides if you own guinea pigs.
Now guess his name or he’ll eat you.
He’s always hungry.
UPDATE: And we have a winner! Byronic Man – you correctly guessed Lord Cleese’s name. Here is your prize good sir:
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34 thoughts on “It’s Been a Rough Week/Look at My Guinea Pig

  1. Hmm, I can only think of three names from the Monty Python crew off the top of my head: John Cleese, Eric Idle, and Terry Gilliam. Of those three, I would say his name is Eric Idle. haha

  2. Well, of course, one’s favorite Python is a delicate labyrinth to navigate… And even though I think the guinea pig has a bit of a Graham Chapman face, I’m going with John Cleese.

    • Aaaaaand you won! Feel free to make an extremely long-winded acceptance speech. But not too long, or I’ll awkwardly start to play music over you, just like they do at the Oscars.

      • I’ve been out of town. I’m not pulling an “I do not recognize competition between artists” I do, especially when I WIN! ME! ME!

        I had a guinea pig many years ago. His name was Inka. He was the runt of the litter but outlived al his litter-mates. He reveled in his triumph.

        This award is just hugely exciting. I can’t wait to add it to my resume, with appropriate padding (“Winner, Pulitzer prize for Python/Guinea Pig Identification”).

    • I can definitely see that.

      This is a pretty good visual approximation of what [GUESS NAME HERE] looks like when he hears the sweet, sweet rustle of his food bag:

  3. I’m guessing Terry Gilliam because of Gilliam’s illustrious and brilliant non-MP work. (Not that the others aren’t also illustrious and brilliant, but really.)

    And also because Lord Terry Gilliam Squeakums Geoffrey Squeakertons Bigglesworth-Wigglesworth Esquire, the First has a natural ring to it.

  4. All these references to Monty Python and giant, hungry rodents just make me think of the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog. But he’s way too cute to do that kind of damage, right? Right?! Glad the ol’ blog is back up and running!

    • Audrey, it never went anywhere. WP just wasn’t letting people know we posted. You missed the Bonus TT post! (skip back a few days, you’ll see it)

    • Yesssssss.

      I don’t know, he’s pretty wily. I once made the mistake of trying to take away his food bowl before he was done and he squeaked vehemently at me while he waddled around his cage in fury.

      It was terrifying.

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