She Doesn’t Look Like a Monkey and I’m Sure She Smells Quite Nice

It’s Meghan’s birthday.

I was going to write a sappy post about how incredibly glad I am that she’s my friend, how happy I am to know her and how lucky I am that she decided she wants to work with me,  but decided instead to just post a bunch of things I know will make her laugh.

  • Every time something awesome happens, Meg sends me this picture.  High five from Andy Samberg for your birthday, Meg.

  • Meg is obsessed with LotR (obvs, since we’re friends).  We have had entire discussions using only memes.  Oh, and there was that one time where we were discussing the show Weeds and she got all excited and said “I LOVE WEED!” so now I tease her about it mercilessly.  We never let each other forget typos.  So, Meg, look – Gandalf loves weed too!

  • No explanation necessary for this one, I don’t think?

  • When this came out, we could not stop laughing at the dancing Ood.  Dancing Ood for you on your special day, Meghan.

  • Finally, Meghan – I can think of anyone I’d rather ride off into the wilds of Mars on the back of a unicorn with than you.  Happy Birthday, my friend.  <3
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14 thoughts on “She Doesn’t Look Like a Monkey and I’m Sure She Smells Quite Nice

  1. awwwwwww and yay. I hope Meg saw my silly versions of the Dodisharkicorn and got at least a little smile from them, though I do not claim to be an artist of her caliber. Hobbity Birthday.

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